Dear God...
“Hate leads to fights, Fights lead to war, War leads to beautiful world no more”
Kieran Hunt


Project In Progress
Community Centenary Window
Francis of Assisi C of E Church in Bournville is approaching its 100th year anniversary in 2025 and one of the many ways in which hope to be celebrating this notable milestone is to create a stained-glass window using ideas from the entire Bournvillian community and beyond!
Project on-going

Creative Soul
Nine Elms Arts Ministry have been delivering creative projects in the Nine Elms development area of London since 2018. They launched Creative Soul, a free Creative Health and Wellbeing programme, in 2022 to help nurture holistic wellbeing and bring the diverse communities together. Creative Soul Café offers opportunities for mindful craft activities in popular venues for local residents.

Creative Soul Parents sessions focus on supporting parents from local primary schools in their own wellbeing and encouraging their creativity through a range of art forms. A new programme, Creative Soul Space, is also planned. This will offer opportunities for gently exploring Christian spirituality through creative and immersive experiences.

Project on-going
The Pitch funds two short films each year, which use the Bible as a primary source of inspiration. The project supports and develops filmmakers from diverse backgrounds to hone their pitching and storytelling skills, ultimately helping them to break into the industry. The two selected short films are submitted to national and international film festivals, while a mentorship and leadership programme helps to improve the skills of those who are underrepresented in the film industry.
Project In Progress
Creative Arts Workshops
Wintershall Education uses the creative arts to bring the Christian story to life for children and young people, making connections between the Gospel stories and our world today. Themed workshops, run in beautiful outdoor settings, provide space and time to support the mental health and wellbeing of children and teachers and provide exciting and unique ways to access Religious Education.
Project In Progress

Community and Schools Graffiti Project
The project will see a partnership between the church, three local primary schools and three different artists to create a new public art exhibition as part of the churches annual arts festival, but also leave an artistic legacy in one of the local primary schools. The project will see a mural painted as part of the churches work with that school, as well as a graffiti artist working with pupils in our three local primary schools to help them design, create and learn the skills to paint the work themselves.

Project In Progress

The Open to All Exhibition is a tour of paintings in UK Cathedrals and large city centre churches to spread the message of God’s inclusivity. A partnership between fine artist Elizabeth Gray-King and Open Table Network, a charity supporting churches to welcome LGBTQI+ people and their advocates, the purpose is to open and continue dialogue amongst affirming Christians and people who visit their churches.

Our rationale is that large city centre sites welcome visitors and, in that process, can share the reality of God’s inclusivity to a wider and more varied set of visitors than local congregations.

Project In Progress

In 2023, Art Beyond Belief partnered with Oxford Diocesan Council for Interfaith Relations in an event focusing on shared faith approaches to climate change and responsibility for the planet. In advance of this event, we ran sessions in four schools for KS4 students, which was funded by Westhill Endowment.

During the programme students from several schools took part in discussion and creation of artworks, which were the focus of discussion at a combined event to which other students and schools were invited - creating a joint exploration of students’ perspectives on environment and responsibility.

Project In Progress
JERICHO is a Birmingham-based charity giving people who need it most, the break they need to feel and be more employable. Our seven social enterprises across Birmingham provide work opportunities and individualised support for people who face real and significant challenges in getting a job.

Equiano Art provides art therapy sessions to female survivors of modern slavery engaged in JERICHO’s Equiano project. Sessions enable women to explore trauma, emotions, wellbeing, faith, identity and aspects of recovery through different creative media and within a safe environment.
Project In Progress
The Ladywood Interfaith Education Project (LIEP) is based in inner-city Birmingham. Initiated by St John & St Peter’s Parish Church, it is a partnership between four local places of faith and schools in the Birmingham area since 1999. Please see our page to find out more.
Project In Progress
That’s how it really is

With over five decades of global experience in conflict zones, CHIPS is dedicated to fostering peace and reconciliation. We empower communities to instigate enduring grassroots transformations for restored peace. Since 2014, we've been actively engaged in Brixton, UK, focusing on countering youth violence through constructive avenues for young people. Filmmaking has proven to be a powerful avenue for Brixton's youth, teaching teamwork, collaboration, unity through the art of storytelling.

In 2021-2022, our youth crafted the poignant short film, "That's How It Really Is," shedding light on subjects like young carers, self-harm, unhealthy coping mechanisms, and child molestation. With support from Westhill Endowment, we are able to orchestrate eight screening events nationwide, encouraging dialogue, support, and proactive engagement among young people. These screenings provide an opportunity for the youth involved in the film to shape, develop, and facilitate critical conversations on these complex subjects, ultimately offering a platform for vulnerable exploration of the contemporary youth experience.
Project In Progress
Peace at the Heart of Scottish Schools: Travelling Peace Education Exhibition

We are creating an exhibition, ‘Peace at the Heart of Scottish Schools’ to demonstrate the value of peace education and the power of children to bring peace and justice to the world.
Project In Progress
Coventry & Warwickshire Worldviews: Images That Speak

Our project aims to create a professional photograph pack which will reflect the diverse nature of our local communities as a rich resource for the teaching of RE in this area.

The digital photo pack will include professional photographs, taken by Mark Pemberton, which collate the places of worship in our locality and will also document local themes of ‘peace’ and ‘reconciliation’.
Project In Progress
Faith in Birmingham: Street Photography

Peter Vale is a street photographer passionate about capturing the colour and diversity of the city of Birmingham’s religious landscape.  Using Peter’s photography, this project explores the different ways in which faith (of different kinds) is expressed within the public square.

This project will seek to develop two interlinked resources around a selection of Peter’s photos: 1) an online RE classroom resource on the diversity of public expressions of faith in the city; 2) a portable exhibition, which can be used to support RE/RS teaching about the diversity of faith in contemporary Britain, which can be used by schools, places of worship, libraries and museums.  The project is jointly funded by Westhill Endowment and St Peter’s Saltley Trust.
Project In Progress
Shieldfield Art Works is an arts organisation based in Shieldfield, Newcastle upon Tyne. SAW believes art and creativity are integral parts of human life, and with art’s unique ability to articulate, question and enquire, we can enact positive change in our communities and the world.

As a project of the Methodist Church, we are built upon Christian foundations of seeking truth, challenging injustice, social activism and operating for the common good. Our broad programme includes developing high quality art exhibitions, events, workshops, conferences, gardening and publications. Anyone, of any faith or none, is welcome to participate in our programme. (Photo credit: Adam Dixon)
Project In Progress
Creative Green RE in Luton

This project gives Luton pupils the chance to be artistic in RE about climate change and justice issues, informed by a multi-faith panel of speakers. Beginning with a conference in Nov 2022, 6-8 Luton secondary schools are leading the project and sharing creative RE ideas on green issues across the town. At the next stage, primary pupils will also be involved and there are plans for an exhibition of pupils’ green spiritual art in the town’s public gallery.
Project In Progress
St Faith’s Centre Wall Hanging

We, the Ringlestone Community Centre Development Group, are very excited to be in the finishing phase now of our church and community centre called St Faith's Centre in Maidstone. Our excitement is increased by the fact that we have commissioned Juliet Hemingway, a renowned  Christian artist and embroiderer, to design and make a huge hanging for the focal wall of the main hall.
Project In Progress
Gospel 2023

With seven years of experience, our next Festival: GOSPEL April 2023 aims to celebrate ‘Christianity and Creativity’ in a mixed arts festival. An invitation for everyone to engage with the expressive arts whether of different faiths or none, to explore and discover more of life in many vibrant ways.

The theme of GOSPEL 2023 will spark curiosity with the Gospel story and introduce or reacquaint people with Gospel meaning, purpose and hope. We strive to eradicate misconceptions about the Christian faith to encourage unchurched people to engage with the Christian faith especially young people, the future of our faith and church.
Project In Progress
Finding Common Ground Through Calligraphy

Muslim Women’s Council is a registered charity based in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Our vision is ‘for every woman, life with all its opportunities’, and our mission is to empower women for the benefit of society. Our project, ‘Finding common ground through calligraphy’, is about using the beautiful art of calligraphy to bring together women of different faiths living in the same city, ensuring more women feel their stories are heard and valued. We will create an exhibition that encourages communities to converge and reflect on shared heritage living in Bradford regardless of faith.
Project In Progress
The Small House: Art Installation

Each year a monumental artwork of museum quality is installed as part of Southwark Cathedral’s annual art installation series. The artwork is intended to give people new access points to the Cathedral, through an exploration of unconventional materials and mediums.

The 2022 installation is entitled “The Small House”, and sees artist Richard Woods work with a 2D cartoon depiction of a terraced house, constructed out of wood, with themes including housing, homelessness, the cost of living crisis, and environmental sustainability.
Project In Progress
Hope in Recovery

The Recovery Foundation exists to pass on the hope that we have by encouraging growth and recovery and positively impacting our community. We are a charity based in Birmingham with a focus on providing support to those recovering from a mental illness.

We offer a 12-month support package which includes Peer Support Groups, workshops, training and 1:1 support. Our main focus is to demonstrate that a mental illness isn’t a life sentence – there is hope. We teach people through our programme to find, grow and sustain hope throughout life’s ups and downs.
Project In Progress
As part of the church's ongoing support of our local community we established a network of little libraries around 7 years ago which has expanded most years and now totals 9 libraries in a mixture of public spaces and primary school settings.

3 years ago we set up a network of little pantries with the simple idea that people could place food in them or take as needed, we have discovered these to be a real blessing to our local community.
Project In Progress
What is Life?’ Science Spectacular Sound and Light Show

A Son-et-Lumiere experience transforming the internal space of Worcester Cathedral.

Visitors to the event are immersed in the soundscapes they hear and walk through the light artworks that are all around them. On an explorative journey they can contemplate the contributions of science and human understanding of the physical world around us. The event offers reflection on the ways in which science and religion neither prove nor disprove the other; exploring how wisdom and beauty both serve to kindle our imaginations and enlarge our capacity for wonder.
Project In Progress
 The Centre

‘The Centre’ provides safe, inclusive and welcoming provision for young people in Nottingham. It is an opportunity for young people to take part in weekly activities and access support in a holistic programme of creative and skill-building activities that include drama, dance, beatboxing and spoken word, enabling participants to catch a break in a supportive environment. (Photo: Owen Harvey)
Project In Progress
The Pitch and Reel Issues Films (RIF) are committed to developing a generation of filmmakers, through supporting and presenting the creative potential of the Bible as an often-overlooked source of stories. The Pitch presents old stories in fresh, creative ways, retelling them to introduce their universal appeal to new audiences. Breaking into the film industry and funding short films is notoriously difficult.

The Pitch and RIF are a perfect meeting place for filmmakers, elevating stories, whilst commending the Bible within the industry and, culture at large. The Pitch’s supportive environment offers a ‘level playing field’ route into the industry.
Project In Progress
The Loving Earth project: caring for the world we love.

The Loving Earth Project helps people engage with questions about the environment creatively, and without being overwhelmed, through an international community textile project and in other ways.

Travelling exhibitions of textile panels highlight some of the precious things at stake, and what some people are doing to help. These, and associated events, can inspire and empower further action. Please see our page for more information.
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