Dear God...
“The ocean is like God and raindrops are the religion. When they fall into the ocean they become one.”
Zoya Ahmed and Nurun Uddin

The Jericho Foundation

Equiano Plus

Equiano Art 

JERICHO is a Birmingham-based charity giving people who need it most, the break they need to feel and be more employable.

Our seven social enterprises across Birmingham provide work opportunities and individualised support for people who face real and significant challenges in getting a job.

These could include trauma, insufficient work experience, health & wellbeing needs, education barriers and communication challenges.

Our social enterprises include ReUse, Wood Shack, Jericho Construction, Jericho Cleaning, Miracle Laundry, Loft Workspace and Change Kitchen which together offer a breadth of opportunities to those engaged in JERICHO’s social projects.

Equiano Plus is JERICHO’s employment focussed project supporting survivors of modern slavery to recover, rebuild their life after exploitation, build resilience and reduce their risk of re-exploitation.

Supported paid and voluntary employment within JERICHO’s family of social enterprises is offered alongside an individualised trauma-informed approach to meet the support needs of survivors.

Support includes therapeutic, creative and social activities to promote understanding of and recovery from trauma, reduce social isolation and improve wellbeing.

Equiano Art provides art therapy sessions to female survivors of modern slavery engaged in JERICHO’s Equiano project.

Sessions enable women to explore trauma, emotions, wellbeing, faith, identity and aspects of recovery through different creative media and within a safe environment.

Friendships develop, peer support is encouraged, confidence and self-worth restored and hope for the future found.

Funding from Westhill enables us to run sessions fortnightly, facilitated by a trained creative art therapist, and to buy resources that will enable the women to experience using different media.  

Find out more at:

Jericho ReUsers
Jericho Cleaning Services
Equiano Plus: Art Session
Equiano Plus: Working with Octave by Elizabeth Gray-King and provided by Westhill
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