Dear God...
“The ocean is like God and raindrops are the religion. When they fall into the ocean they become one.”
Zoya Ahmed and Nurun Uddin

Thundersley Community Church: The Noise Arts Festival

Community and Schools Graffitti Project

This project will see a partnership between the church, three local primary schools, and three different artists, to create a new public art exhibition and artistic legacy.

As a church we support a number of local primary schools with regular input through assemblies and special projects. This arts project helps us to connect, in a fresh way, with our three local primary schools. The project will not only engage the pupils of the schools, but also the wider community, as the work created will go on public display as part of our annual community event, The Noise Arts Fesitval. 
For this project we are connecting with three artists to bring different elements of the project to life:

The first artist Scott Irving, will be working with the pupils in the three schools to create a number of unique graffiti pieces that will then be displayed during the festival in October half-term. He will be working with the students to come up with their own thoughts and then show them how to bring that work alive through the graffiti art form. He will be spending a day in each school so a whole range of pupils of different ages and abilities will get a chance to learn and take part.

Our second artist Jordan Lauder, is creating a lasting mural in one school, during a large community event, so the public will be able to witness the piece come to life throughout the day. The mural has been designed to reflect the values of the school and will be a visible illustration of the church and schools relationship for years to come.
Our third artist Yvonne Jack, will be transforming two pieces of installed equipment in the public realm, bringing them to life with freshly pained art work to make them stand out. This will again be part of the festival and will leave a legacy of art in the two local shopping parades for years to come.
We are excited to see how the project will bring the three schools together in a combined artistic project and for the wider community to see the results, not just in a one off exhibition but for years to come and how that will bring colour to our local community.

The support of Westhill has been able to make this project a reality and we cannot wait to see the results.

For more information please see our website  and our facebook page. 


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