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Living Life

A collection of 19 paintings by Ruth Goodheir about a new future and a sense of purpose.

ruthSmallAbout Ruth Goodheir

Ruth Goodheir is an experienced artist who grew up on a council housing estate in Dumbarton near Glasgow.  and now lives on the Isle of SkyeAround 1996/7 Ruth went through a time of personal crisis and was encouraged to paint from imagination, as a way of expressing her inner thoughts and feelings. Ruth now lives on the Isle of Skye.

“What colour, what movement, what style – very moving”

Coming Alive

1_prophesying-top-the-bone   2_singing-over-the-bones   3_Incarnation

4_The-mother-root   5_Shadow-self   6_Stand-up


The Journey of Faith

8_Pushing-the-boat-out   9_Into-the-night   10_The-dying-child

11_Born-again   12_Journey-to-the-beginning-of-creation   13_The-blind-sower


The power of Joy and Sorrow

15_Broken-communion   16_An-ordinary-miracle   17_Dream-Messengers

18_Joy-and-Sorrow   19_Let-There-Be-Light

The pictures above are for illustrative purposes only, larger images can be seen on Ruth's website