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The Journey

A compendium of 42 paintings by Peter Clare known as ‘The Journey’ about the spiritual aspects of life’s major events. The paintings can be read on a number of different levels, from the superficial experience of life’s external journey through to the internal journey that each of us travels.

These paintings may be hired as a whole collection or just a selection of the paintings.

Peter_ClareAbout Peter Clare

Born in London in 1935, Peter moved to Sheffield in 1940 where he lived till 1957. He was educated at Nether Edge Grammar School and for a short time Sheffield University. He did his National Service as a conscientious objector in Hospitals in Sheffield and London 1955 to 1957. He studied life drawing at St Martin's College of Art, London and, after obtaining a BSc degree in Mathematics in 196, Peter taught mathematics in secondary schools and colleges in Portsmouth, Birmingham, Buxton, Hampshire and Shropshire. During this time he built up a national and international reputation as a religious artist exhibiting widely. Raised a Quaker Peter converted to Catholicism in 1958. Regarded by many as a major contemporary religious artist, Peter has produced works of art that spring from a profound and essentially Christian experience of life. His paintings are praised for their powerful visual impact, their deep emotional content, rich colour and vigorous line, and, above all, for their compassionate spirituality.

"At first glance, his very simple rotund draughtsmanship with its full ovals, curves and rare straight line, can seem childlike, even obvious. But it grows organically from the heart and, with time, conveys a warm satisfaction and peace."

Christ_in_the_Garden_of_my_Soul   man_in_a_garden   Station_of_the_Cross

The_Fourth_Station   The_Journey