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Gethsemane Garments

“… beautiful and totally inspirational - so many ideas to take away – thankyou”

Please note, a small group discussion guide to accompany the Gethsemane Garment film is now available in PDF format. Please email us for a copy.

The Gethsemane Garments are a collection of 4 textile sculptures by Peter Privett. The exhibition explores themes of pain, suffering, hope and renewal.

In the accompanying 15-minute film Peter talks about how we express pain and suffering, how we remember and tell our stories, the language we discover, how we listen to others, and how we need to speak for those who cannot speak. Peter talks about how hope and renewal come because of, not in spite of, our harder experiences, and how in renewal we can offer hospitality and understanding to others.

The garments comprise of cotton, silk, wool, synthetic fabrics, muslin, recycled clothes, shells, nails and beads. They are free-standing and come with custom-made folding stands and helpful instructions for set-up. Each textile is around 5’6” tall and while parts can be delicate we invite people to safely explore the materials. The textiles are provided in large garment bags which can be gently folded for transport.

The digital exhibition comprises a 15-minute Film (below), a small group discussion guide which you can access by emailing us.

The physical exhibition, available for free hire, comes with the above, plus a Conversation and Reflection Booklet, Practical Notes, Inventory, and activities ideas.

The exhibition comes with a 15-minute Conversation and Reflection Booklet, Practical Notes, Inventory, activities ideas, and discussion prompts for small groups.

About Peter Privett

Peter was a teacher in Birmingham and Walsall in the late 1960s, when art and craft was a means of exploring many aspects of the curriculum. In 1975 Peter went to Theological College where he was taught to spin. Over the years as a priest, Diocesan Education Adviser and retreat leader, Peter has often offered art projects as an opportunity for people to explore their thoughts and feelings in a safe and protected environment. Peter currently lives in Rugby and is engaged in developing and supporting children's spirituality, through writing, lecturing and leading training events. He helps also with the pastoral care at the Parish Church of St Andrew.

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