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Dear God...
“Hate leads to fights, Fights lead to war, War leads to beautiful world no more”
Kieran Hunt

Cheltenham Christian Arts Festival 
Gospel 2023

The Christian Arts Festival provides opportunities for people to take part in creative activities such as singing, writing or painting which can be therapeutic, restorative and uplifting in challenging times and give purpose.

Our events help improve lives by bringing people and community groups together which has a deep and lasting effect and attracts new participants to join local art groups and churches.  Our festival events benefit young people (Cheltenham Education Partnership) learning creative skills helping them grow in confidence and build cross generational connections.

Jesus once spoke of a tiny seed growing into an enormous tree whose branches became a place of hospitality and welcome for many different birds. We hope the festival events plant seeds and spread branches; and many diverse people of all ages with different stories, discover a place of hospitality and welcome, rooted in Jesus Christ as the adventure with God continues through the work of the Holy Spirit.

Pioneering ministers support and endorse our work as witnessed by James White, Pioneer Minister (Whaddon, Cheltenham), who reported at one festival, conversations with people looking to baptise their children and make plans for funerals! One attendee proclaiming to be an atheist observed 8 other atheists he knew at the event who were all thoroughly engaged and enjoying themselves. “I can actually sense God is here.’ he said, ’there’s something really special happening here today!’

Through the lens of GOSPEL 2023, participants will explore fresh perspectives and be open to unexpected discovery through competitions, workshops and performances.  Events will promote deeper understanding of the Gospel story through gospel song-writing and visual arts competition: people learning to express themselves through art, skills acquisition/development and public performance. 

Highlights include a Literature Day with theologians and populist authors, new drama: The Liberator by Saltmine Creatives, a GOSPEL themed Art Exhibition featuring Westhill’s Faith Exhibit the Garments of Gethsemane, Mixed-Media Bible Journaling and Youth led Festival.  Workshops in Gospel Song-Writing, Singing and Spoken Word will culminate in a Concert featuring the London Community Gospel Choir performing the winning Gospel Song.

For more information visit: www.christianartsfestvial.org
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