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Dear God...
“Hate leads to fights, Fights lead to war, War leads to beautiful world no more”
Kieran Hunt

Wintershall Education

Education Workshops

Wintershall Education was created to accompany the Wintershall CIO plays, with a variety of resources and workshops that enable children to gain a greater understanding of Jesus as they journey with him through his life, death and resurrection in both creative and memorable ways.

Wintershall Education provides an original and unique learning opportunity for schools throughout the academic and Church year. With the support from Westhill, we are able to offer workshop themes which include Advent, Lent, Transformation, Walking in the footsteps of Jesus, The Wonder of God’s World and Personal Growth.

Our education programme supports the requirements in the RE curriculum, but it also encourages pupils and teachers to reflect on their own values and attitude to others and the world around them.

We hope that by engaging with us children gain a better understanding of the Christian faith, the Bible and who Jesus is.  We also hope that the education programme encourages children to become more rounded, being kind, compassionate, generous, and peaceful individuals who will champion fairness, justice and respect for all people and all things.

Our teacher training and workshop days also give staff an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of scripture and, in turn, develop and resource their own teaching practice.
Teacher and Student Voice:
Travelling Crib

RE Lead:
"A great learning opportunity for KS1 children, who rarely get a trip (especially in RE), which is so engaging and memorable."

"Last Wednesday was the best day of my life. Thank you for letting me meet all the special Christmas people."
Lent Retreat Day

Lead teacher:
"The Wintershall Team were so great with the children, allowing them to access the story at their level. And the afternoon activities were brilliant – I just wish we had had more time with you."

10 year old:
"I loved walking with the Easter story and meeting all Jesus’ friends."
Year 10 Retreat Day

School Chaplain:
"I cannot thank you enough for all your efforts to make our day work. The students were so engaged and responded in a way that surprised us all. A real ‘retreat’ day for everyone."
For more information please see https://www.wintershall.org.uk/wintershall-education or contact Wintershall on 01483 892167, or schools@wintershall.org.uk
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