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Meaningful Textiles

Meaningful textiles by embroiderer and textile artist Pamela Pavitt

A collection of embroideries by the late Pamela Pavitt which are presented in two groups, one dealing with the ideas of peace and reconciliation and the other with stewardship of the world in which we live, creation and the environment. Both groups comprise 19 frames, with 26 textiles for the peace and reconciliation group and 30 textiles on the creation and environment theme. These textiles may be hired as a whole collection or just a selection of the frames.

pamela2About Pamela Pavitt

Pamela Pavitt trained at the art school in Bromley and taught textiles in London before returning to Bromley Art School as a member of staff. Subsequently she was a tutor in Croydon for ten years running City and Guilds embroidery courses. Pamela was a member of the Embroiders’ Guild and the South London Textile Workshop which experiments with tapestry weaving and other techniques. Pamela was an Elder of the United Reformed Church. Sadly, Pamela passed away in August 2015.

“Inspirational – what a lovely diverse, meaningful exhibition, very impressive; quite outstanding and innovative”

“Wonderful imagination and craftsmanship”

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