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Bald Statements

A study in grief and personal loss

Eight sculptures by the late Jean Parker which deal with personal loss and the grieving process, after Jean’s own experience of cancer. The alabaster heads on their plinths are often supported by poster sized photographs of terra cotta and bronze heads. These relate not only to loss of health, but also to significant loss of any kind.

Each sculpture deals with an aspect of the grief process which is explained through the following stages: denial, disbelief, questioning, anger, depression, acceptance, healing and peace.

Jean_ParkerAbout Jean Parker

With a background of teaching and a family of four children, it was not until mid-life that the opportunity arose for Jean Parker’s artistic energies to be given full expression. She studied art as a mature student for four years in Coventry and later completed at Master of Arts degree. Her affinity for sculpture and gift as a modeller and carver soon became evident. She worked in stone, clay and bronze, and her themes were universal. Religion, psychology, and personal relationships provide an endless source of inspiration, expressed in both figurative and abstract form. Jean ‘retired’ to Bude and sadly passed away in 2017.

“Moved to tears – my journey continues.  Thank you for sharing your experience”

“A visual display of emotions which helps me as a nurse to understand the patients feelings – it is a lovely display of work”

Coming Alive

Bald Statements from a dozen eggs on Vimeo.

Acceptance   Anger   Denial_(1)

Healing_(1)   Disbelief   Depression

Quenstioning Mulit_Facetted

Bald Statements: A journey through loss, grief and change

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