Bald Statements

“Moved to tears – my journey continues. Thank you for sharing your experience.”

Bald Statements is a sculptural study into grief and personal loss by the late Jean Parker.

The exhibition comprises eight large alabaster sculptures, and eight small maquettes (hand-held size sculptures) cast in bronze-resin from the original terracotta pieces.

Jean Parker formed the original collection in terracotta clay during a private retreat in which she was reflecting on her own experience of cancer. The sculptures and themes she explores however have a wider reach and also refer to the sudden death of her close friend, the loss of her son and daughter-in-law in a climbing accident, and the loss of her marriage through divorce. The bronze-resin maquettes were cast from these original terracotta pieces and Jean created the large alabaster sculptures as a later response to the themes she had explored.  

Through the sculptures Jean movingly and honestly takes each viewer through her journey of grief and healing, which she explains through the stages of denial, disbelief, questioning, anger, depression, acceptance, healing and peace/multi-facetted.

The alabaster sculptures come with custom-made plinths in flight cases. Due to the size and weight of the alabaster set, they need to be delivered and set up by professionals, which we at Westhill can arrange. Alongside this, we can also provide the set of bronze-resin maquettes. These come in a carry case and can be provided with a display case should you wish to display them. They are ideal for small group work and may also be available for use alone, without the large sculptures.

Along with the sculptures we can provide a number of materials including films, a power-point presentation, ideas for activities and discussion, postcards, practical notes, an inventory, comments sheets, and a Conversation and Reflection booklet.

This exhibition has been used successfully in churches, hospitals, hospices and with schools. It does not require any wall-mounting.

Jean_ParkerAbout Jean Parker

With a background of teaching and a family of four children, it was not until mid-life that the opportunity arose for Jean Parker’s artistic energies to be given full expression. She studied art as a mature student for four years in Coventry and later completed a Master of Arts degree. Her affinity for sculpture and gift as a modeller and carver soon became evident. She worked in stone, clay and bronze, and her themes were universal. Religion, psychology, and personal relationships provide an endless source of inspiration, expressed in both figurative and abstract form. Jean ‘retired’ to Bude and sadly passed away in 2017.


Coming Alive


Artist Jean Parker talks about her Exhibition of Sculpture, Bald Statements. Grief, Loss & Change.



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