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Dear God...
“Hate leads to fights, Fights lead to war, War leads to beautiful world no more”
Kieran Hunt

Swansea SACRE*
Religion, Values and Ethics
in the curriculum for Wales

* Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education
Plans for Religion, Values and Ethics: supporting teachers of RVE in Wales with the new curriculum.

Since the new Welsh curriculum was introduced in 2021, primary and secondary teachers have been planning lessons in ‘religion, values and ethics’. This project has support from Westhill to develop and share examples of good planning with any teacher in any school in Wales.

So far (Spring 2023) ten examples of plans have been produced, exploring questions like: will religion be growing or dying out in Wales and the wider world in the next 50 years? Why are there now over 40 Mosques in Wales? How does Welsh stained glass express spirituality?

The project has developed a facebook community of nearly 600 Welsh teachers of RVE which acts as focal point for online discussion, sharing and support for teachers. It’s the largest social media community for RVE. 

For further information contact: Angela Hill

Further planning is being produced in response to the needs teachers are identifying, including PowerPoints and classroom ready resources.

Our main partner in this work is Swansea SACRE, and we are delighted that the Westhill grant funds have also been matched from other sources, enabling for example translation of the materials into Welsh language versions and the provision of RVE teacher training and professional learning opportunities in over half the local authorities in Wales.


Here’s one example:

At our pupil conference, to try out RVE ideas, pupils were given three pieces of paper; with three reflective questions/statements to respond to. No one knew at this stage, how these individual responses would become the manifesto of change from the day, and this would be wonderfully shared towards the end of the conference. We asked the children to respond to a spiritual teaching from a religious text and to say why they are in favour of equality and against racism. We asked what they will do to make the world a better place. All their answers were turned into this dragon.

We will be supporting the planning examples with some online recorded webinars for both primary and secondary teachers during 2023.
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