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Graduate Outreach at Greenbelt 2023

The Student Christian Movement is a community of students, past and present, deeply committed to an inclusive, progressive and radical approach to the Christian faith.

Our vision is of SCM as a generous community, expressing a lived faith in Jesus Christ where social action meets prayerful devotion. We seek to be both a radical voice for equality and justice, and a safe home for progressive Christian students. 
This year at Greenbelt Festival (24 - 27 August 2023 at Boughton House, in Kettering), SCM focused on connecting with graduates, with a stall in the Takeaway area, a programmed panel discussion and a meetup for graduates.

In our last members' survey, members said that they would like more support after they’ve graduated, as well as that they wished they had found SCM sooner.

In response, we have made work with graduates a strategic priority and will focus our outreach at Greenbelt on graduates.
Throughout the festival, our stall was the base at the festival, where graduates found out more about our work and met SCM members and staff.

At the stall, we gave away goodie-bags to graduates, containing general information about SCM, SCM prayer and discipleship resources including our Little Book of Peace and Theological Reflection journal.

In our goodie-bags, we also included free toothpaste, a toothbrush and a prayer for pray while brushing your teeth. This was particularly popular, especially as these two items are often forgotten when packing for festivals!
On the Saturday, SCM led a panel discussion entitled ‘Onward Christian Workers’. Chaired by one of our 2022-2023 Faith in Action Project Workers, the panel involved graduate members and SCM Alumni speaking about how their Christian faith led them to find a vocation in a variety of interesting jobs, including in the civil service, charity sector and church ministry.

The session involved a discussion with other students and graduates and we shared invaluable insight.
The meet-up for graduates on the Friday evening involved SCM members and staff connecting in a more informal setting. This was a lovely space where graduates, almuni and staff could discuss our faith and putting it into action in our work. Being at Greenbelt allowed us to build the generous community that is at the heart of our vision.
The outcomes for the project were:
Graduates are connected to open and inclusive Christian communities

Graduates feel supported by SCM

Graduates reflect on their own vocation journey and how their faith can inform it

Church workers and chaplains gain the skills to guide students and graduates through their post-university vocation journey

SCM volunteers gain transferable skills, including confidence in public speaking and general networking skills.
Follow our work on Twitter: @SCM_Britain

You can read more about our work on our website:
We are very pleased that this project is supported by Westhill Endowment, which allowed us to support and nurture our graduate students.
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