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Dear God...
“The ocean is like God and raindrops are the religion. When they fall into the ocean they become one.”
Zoya Ahmed and Nurun Uddin

Kids Alive International
School Library in Kenya

Kids Alive International is a Christian charity that serves some of the world’s most vulnerable children through 40 projects in seven developing countries. Vulnerable Syrian refugee children in Lebanon – impoverished orphan girls in Zambia - victims of unspeakable sexual assault in Guatemala – and so many more.
We also serve the ‘quarry children’ in the Karundas region of central Kenya. Children who without our care would most likely be working 10-12 hours a day doing mind-numbing work in the nearby quarries, just so they can be fed. As if that isn’t bad enough, virtually all of them have lost at least one parent; 1 in 4 is HIV positive; and all live in abject poverty.
Our Hall Mead Christian School in the heart of Karundas provides a great education for 500 of these children, as well as three meals a day (so they don’t have to work in the quarries), as well as family support, life skills, free uniforms and school supplies, and specialist ‘trauma care’ for those that have suffered especially bad trauma, often caused by abuse or abandonment.
As these children literally have no running water or electricity at their homes - never mind any books or toys - the school is keen to ensure that they have access to books and resources, especially those with a Christian focus.
The Westhill Endowment has kindly funded the refurbishment of one of Hall Mead’s classrooms so that it can be turned into a library, as well as providing a whole range of books, Bibles and Christian resources.
What a tremendous blessing to 500 impoverished children who will otherwise have very little or no opportunity of ever reading or using such facilities! But not just these 500, generations of new intakes in the years ahead will also be benefit.
Thank you to everyone at Westhill!

For more details see: www.kidsalive.co.uk

About the Hall Mead project: https://www.kidsalive.co.uk/donate/details/hall-mead-school


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