Dear God...
“Hate leads to fights, Fights lead to war, War leads to beautiful world no more”
Kieran Hunt


The Life Garage

Whilst awareness of poor mental health and wellbeing has grown, national statistics demonstrate men still report lower levels of life satisfaction than women and are less likely to access support.

Whilst the Life Garage hasn't specifically been designed just for men, it has been created to open the well-being world to a different audience using the metaphor of the car, garage and toolboxes.

Rooted in psycho-social principles, The Life Garage adopts the perspective that we service our cars so they run well, so why not service our lives so we live life well.

Metanoeo is a micro-sized, Wirral-based, coaching-focused, social enterprise, with a mission to enable individuals and communities to journey through life well. We do this through offering 1-2-1 life coaching, unique innovative wellbeing resources, and training and supporting life coaches to transform the lives of individuals and communities.
Metanoeo was founded by Dr Dave Wood  inspired by his journey dealing with anxiety and depression which resulted in him having a breakdown aged 38 and a heart attack aged 43. Using his experiences as a former Senior Probation Officer and Lecturer of Psychosocial Analysis he has worked with numerous community projects coaching members of the public who wouldn’t consider accessing ‘mental health’ or ‘wellbeing’ provisions.
Our solution is not aimed at the acute end of the mental health spectrum, but at providing a sustainable early intervention in terms of developing the skills and resilience needed to improve long-term wellbeing. We have developed the Life Garage as a free to access online resource to help people who wouldn't usually access wellbeing provisions engage with the development of their own wellbeing plan and toolkit for life.
We are using this project to extend the reach of the Life Garage by partnering with churches and faith-inspired social action projects. During the projects we will be offering:
  • Life Garage Live workshops to support people to understand and use the resources available to live life well.
  • Training and ongoing support for six people to become Level 2 Accredited Assistant Life Mechanics to help them make the most of their everyday conversations with people who are struggling.

For more infomation please see:

Metanoeo CIC -

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Metanoeo Logo - The Life Garage
Metanoeo Life Garage Postcard - Original
Metanoeo WHLG Onboarding Social Mediia
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