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“Hate leads to fights, Fights lead to war, War leads to beautiful world no more”
Kieran Hunt

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Ignite: Detatched Youth Work

The Ignite Youth Project provides support, and a broad range of positive activities and opportunities, for local young people in the rural Norfolk market town of Attleborough and its surrounding area. Detached Ignite is one such activity.

Every Friday (Term-time 7.30-9.30pm) the Ignite Detached Team spend the evening in town offering a safe relationship of support, and engaging with young people who choose to gather and socialise outside.

We offer a free hot chocolate, a safe presence, and a genuine opportunity for all young people to be seen, heard and valued.

We offer this support because:

1. As a faith-based organisation we are motivated to seek transformation.

2. There is limited youth provision for young people in Attleborough.

3. It provides a unique opportunity to connect with a broad range of young people, some of whom have limited or no other support.

4. Young people and families value it.

"Ignite has helped me through many things. I look forward to Friday nights where I can wind down from a chaotic week, spend time with someone, the best people and drink hot chocolate."
Young Person

“You look at me as a young kid, not a weed smoker, you see us as normal people, you don’t judge, you look after the community.”
Young Person

“It cheers me up on a Friday night.” 
Young Person

"At Ignite I can express myself and I do not feel like I am being judged. Ignite really is one of the best things about Attleborough town."
Young Person

“Your approach clearly works well. Thank you for your input and kindness … Guidance from a parent is difficult but from a non-related adult it’s invaluable!!” 

Through Detached Ignite it is our primary aim to build meaningful and trusted relationships through consistent delivery and presence, thereby creating opportunities for young people - who may have found themselves disengaged from their community of support – to safely connect.

We understand that a meaningful connection creates a sense of belonging and trust, and the privileged opportunity as a team to listen, to respond, to offer support. As a team we recognise that these relationships of support take time to establish, so we remain committed to investing in this work for the long term.

The secondary aim of Detached Ignite is threefold:

1. To greater understand the needs young people have, to support their voice and develop activities, opportunities, and support with them, that meet that need (where we are best placed to do so). In doing so we hope to positively impact young people’s self-worth, aspirations, skills, and relational well-being.

2. Address the social issues and challenges within the wider community that are often linked to rural poverty, limited support and lack of infrastructure specifically related to youth provision.

3. Work in partnership with other organisations to strengthen youth provision and improve community cohesion.

For more Information:

Ignite Youth Project Lead: Deborah Carter
Website: thelighthouseattleborough.co.uk
Email: debs.carter@thelighthouseattleborough.co.uk
Insta and Facebook Handle: @igniteattleborough


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