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Faith Sensitive Relationship and Sex Education

�%u20AC%u2039* Faiths Against Child Sexual Exploitation

We’re a Christian-Muslim charity with a mission to build resilience within faith communities against child sexual exploitation and other forms of harm. We view faith as contributing positively towards safeguarding, rather than being a risk factor as it’s often framed. We offer training to faith communities and external organisations, including schools, police and local authority.
Supported by our own research into young people’s experiences of Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) in schools, we’re providing training for educators to equip them to shape and deliver faith literate RSE.
Our Faith Sensitive Relationships and Sex Education course aims to: develop understanding about what faith-sensitive RSE looks like in light of statutory guidance; recognise challenges in accounting for diversity and explore solutions, and; enhance understanding of young people's views around RSE.
Our research project was a small-scale study, exploring how 15-19 year olds (those with and without religious faith) experience RSE and their perspectives on whether and how it should take religious faith into account. 
We know that RSE can be a contentious topic, especially since it has become compulsory in the UK for all children in school. Listening to young people feels particularly timely in this context, and we hope that understanding the nuances of their experience will help make sure that the subject is appropriate and meaningful.
RSE has an important part to play in safeguarding young people from abuse - something which is at the heart of our work. When it is informed by young people’s lived experience, we hope this safeguarding capacity will be strengthened even further.
We plan to work with schools across Luton, Bedfordshire, including faith-based and special needs schools, delivering training to teachers, governors, head teachers and safeguarding and RSE leads.

You can find out more about our training on our website here or contact us at admin@faces.org.uk for more information.
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