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Dear God...
“Hardly anyone can ever find God because God is right at the end of your mind after all the background thoughts are gone.”
Maisie Satchwell-Hust

Community Connect UK

Raising community leaders nationwide to respond to the UK’s most complex social issues.

Inspired by our Christian faith, Nicodemus seeks to rescue, restore and revive broken lives through the provisions of mentorship, training and community mobilisation.
Community Connect UK will provide affordable and accessible cross-cultural education and training opportunities for churches and charities nationwide: equipping community leaders and volunteers with the knowledge to address adverse challenges affecting vulnerable young people and individuals they work with, so they can better support marginalised sections of their community.
Delivering a series of “Improving Mental Health through Mentorship” training courses, alongside specialist resources, one-to-one support and practical group workshops, this programme aims to reduce long-term impacts of poverty by:

- educating and increasing practitioner’s understanding of the bidirectional causal relationship between poverty and mental health

- enabling practitioners to recognise early contributing factors that heighten vulnerabilities and increase risks of homelessness, abuse, addiction, grooming and sexual/drug exploitation

- practically support practitioners to develop mentoring programmes that empower and release those most at risk to achieve their full potential
Our strategy involves engaging the global church and charities with relevant and topical resources that equip and empower community leaders and volunteers to serve the most marginalised and at-risk individuals so they can overcome disadvantage and inspire positive change.
Having conducted extensive research alongside an 18-month pilot training 75 services, Nicodemus has been overwhelmed with demand as mentorship has proven effective in improving mental health and transforming lives.


Nicodemus Training Centre 

For more information please see www.nicodemustraining.org
”I wish I could have had this training 10 years ago”- Eden Westwood

From consultation with our partners, feedback has specifically highlighted the importance for training to be accessible to practitioners nationwide; and to facilitate flexibility around busy working schedules. 

To support this, we will offer a modular approach to learning and delivery, providing a series of training courses, support and resources:

Remote: pre-recorded bitesize training sessions and specialist resources accessible online

Residential: regional training days, group seminars and practical workshops

Training Support: one-to-one training, help, advice and guidance

Disseminating Learning: benefitting the wider Christian sector nationally and internationally through church networks, events, conferences and gatherings
As we educate and equip participants to develop intentional and effective mentoring relationships, this project will contribute significantly to the greater mission of churches and charities nationwide. We hope to make a transformational difference by empowering Christian leaders to pursue God’s calling to help those suffering the poorest life chances: increasing their access to early help and improving the quality of support available.
“Thank you so much for the support you have given us.  It's a huge relief to know you are there. We couldn't do it without you.”- Reaching Out Community Fellowship
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