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Stop Take a Look and Listen
Dear God...
“The ocean is like God and raindrops are the religion. When they fall into the ocean they become one.”
Zoya Ahmed and Nurun Uddin

NASACRE* and Cheshire East SACRE*

Stop, Take a Look, and Listen.

*[(National Association) of Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education]

This project is in planning stages.

Following the Manchester bombings of summer 2017 which directly affected pupils, parents and governors from several Cheshire East schools, there was a noticeable rise in parental concerns over trips to places of worship and having visitors from different religions/worldviews in schools.  The locality has very few diverse places of worship within easy reach or opportunity to engage with a group of visitors from a diverse range of religions/world views, apart from visits to churches or engaging with Christian groups.

Cheshire East SACRE is piloting a project with selected pupils from Years 5, 7, 8 & 9 in two local schools which would encourage children from these largely monocultural schools to meet with children from mixed cultural school communities in nearby Manchester. The idea behind this would be to encourage children to develop respect and understanding for their own and other faith cultures across the two geographical areas.

These children would then go on to become RE champions in their respective schools through visiting each other’s schools and implementing ideas back in their own schools on how we might promote better understanding and appreciation of different cultural and religious backgrounds. Having tried ideas in their own schools the children involved would then be invited to share their ideas at local RE subject leader’s networks and help to develop a local RE Champions scheme and toolkit for Cheshire East primary and secondary schools.

The project will draw on resources produced by the Schools Linking Network (SLN) and the Sacred Space Team, a joint NATRE / Bristol university project published recently. It will explore concepts of identity, diversity, uniqueness and belonging. Key questions will form the basis of the project ...


Who am I? Who are we?

Where do I live? Where do we live?

How do we all live well together?

Based on contact theory principles pupils will ‘Encounter, Communicate and Interact’ purposively with activities on visits and at a final conference where faith visitors and members of the different communities including members of SACRE will gather. A school toolkit will be produced to use influence parents and the wider community.
By working on shared art work, meeting people of faith and developing ideas for other teachers to use, a toolkit will be developed, this is likely to include; a description of the project; what took place; pupil activities used before, during and afterwards; an analysis of how pupils’ attitudes changed through contact; teachers and parents reflections of the trips; ways to continue contact with each other; consultants & teachers will write advice for teachers on ways that they can encourage parents to let pupils visit places of worship and actively encourage schools to bring in faith visitors. This could involve a sample letter to parents; ideas for classes to try, before, during and after visits to places of worship and/or visitors come into schools.  We hope that this would help others create similar projects in their own areas.

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