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Our Progress:

Unfortunately our initial bid for £4,000 was reduced to £3,000, we lost our clerk and at the same time our LA link officer. Both have been replaced, but this has set us back and we then lost one of the secondary schools that was going to be involved. So, we are set back a bit!
However, the project has been re-drafted and what is proposed is the following, working with schools in one local town:
 - ABB to work with two groups of approx 24 students from Year 8 at each of the two secondary schools, delivering six one-hour (approx) sessions at each.

- The focus of the sessions is identity - for example their own identity, identity of others, difference, tolerance, self-esteem, respect for others, and the Golden Rule. Content will take account of themes and priorities in the agreed syllabus.

- The students will work in small groups of 3-4 to explore different aspects of the theme. They will work with iPads supplied by ABB to create an eBook portfolio for their group, and they will share and discuss their work with other groups.

- In November, there will be a combined event where groups from both schools will present their work in a marketplace format. Feeder schools will be invited to bring groups of Year 5/6 pupils to this event and other schools might also be invited.



In addition to the primary outcome of involving feeder schools (in line with the funding) the event will deliver some of the following outcomes or opportunities:

    - SACRE members to meet pupils, teachers and others in an informal setting
    - SACRE members able to discuss and take feedback on RE syllabus
    - invite NASACRE/Westhill representatives, Bucks Council representatives, faith and community representatives, teachers, stakeholders and others
    - publicity in local and specialist press

After the event, learning from the project will be coordinated by SACRE into a resource (such as a workbook or DVD) that can be used by other schools in line with, and supporting, the agreed syllabus and values development.
• Timeline

Summer Term: firm up two senior schools. ABB work on session content
Autumn term - first half: ABB deliver six sessions in each school
Autumn term - second half (early-mid November) - conference/marketplace event