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“Hate leads to fights, Fights lead to war, War leads to beautiful world no more”
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Pattern Up

“Pattern Up” is a new play devised and based on lives of community activists Ken Hinds and June Tuitt. It connects with historic vibrations impacting on young African Caribbean men and women, exploring themes of family, violence, race and personal redemption.


We want to engage audiences in talking about how they can reduce youth conflict in their area. The whole project promotes Haringey Communities Against Violence HCAV, which Ken and June co-founded.
We engaged with young people and local community members, to inform the development of the play that will bring impact and meaning to the issues and wounds felt in African Caribbean communities. We hope it will inspire young people to make positive life choices, supported by community elders.

When first performed 2018-19, the play demonstrated the power of theatre as a medium for expressing difficult themes about intergenerational trauma, family break up, youth violence, in a way that engaged audiences of all ages notably the African Caribbean communities in North East London and Leicester.

‘I can relate to that’ was a common feedback after the shows and the shows raised awareness for the work of HCAV. Feedback and requests to take the play into schools and other cities suggests that it was experienced as a powerful vehicle for bringing the issues to people in away that can be related to by the audience: ‘Family – Violence – Redemption’.
The play highlights the trauma in this community and people in the audience seem to relate to this.

The cast improvised around these themes in developing the performance and it was vital for there to be a safe space for these to develop.

The performances will be followed by an audience discussion with the cast about what local steps community members can take to support their young people.


“A very powerful piece of theatre with enormous impact to recognise the need for support and change. Activities like these give our students the opportunity to reflect upon a wide range of social issues affecting our local communities and to engage in exploring solutions.
Anthony Robinson - Head of Learner Experience and Industry Placements at Haringey, Enfield, North East London College

“I have been a community leader in the area for over 40 years and for me Pattern Up’s greatest acclaim shows the reality rather than the fiction (which is so often shown) of a particular lifestyle. This play deserves to hit more people - it’s for everyone young and old.  Hopefully there will be another opportunity. The organisation ‘Men With Voices’ completely identified with the breakdown of the family unit and said the whole story was spot on!.....we need more work like this.”
Hesketh Benoit - Leading Community Leader in Haringey , convener of Men With Voices, founder Haringey Communities Against Violence
Longer term, we aim for the play and audience discussion to support individuals to change their narrative about youth and conflict, enabling them to move forward and shape the next stage of their lives as creative artists, elders and community leaders.





Pattern Up Ticket Details 2020
Wednesday 12th February 2020 at 7pm
All Saints Church
Church Street
Edmonton N9 9AT
Donations on the night
Saturday 15th February 2020 at 2pm
Arcola Theatre
24 Ashwin Street
Dalston E8 3DL
Tickets £8 click here  

Wednesday 19th February 2020 at 5.30pm SPECIAL PERFORMANCE
City Hall (The Greater London Assembly Chamber)
The Queen’s Walk
London SE1 2AA
Tickets by registration click here

Friday 28th February 2020 at 8pm
Saturday 29th February 2020 at 8pm
McQueen’s Theatre @ Karamel
4 Coburg Road
London N22 6UJ
Tickets: £5 + free for students and u18s click here for Fri 28th
 and here for Saturday 29th Feb.

Saturday 7th March at 7pm
Tottenham Community Sports Centre
701-703 High Street

Further performances and discussion for students, closed to public:

11 Feb
The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London
Enfield Campus
3 March
The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London
Tottenham Campus
11 March Performance and workshop
Ark Academy School

Deviser/director: Joanna Procter
Writer: Marika McKennell
Deviser/actors:  June Tuitt and Ken Hinds
Actor/Song Arrangements: Jae Marcus X
Actors: Jeremie Kadi/Amaarah Roze
Music: Dan Brangwyn
Designer: Kaaj Patel
Dramaturg for this version: Mongi Mthombeni
Stage Manager: Dyonne Josiah


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