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Maisie Satchwell-Hust
North Yorkshire Sacre 2018
Exploring Religious Diversity: What does it mean to follow a faith in Britain today?
Developing Y5, 6 and 7 pupils’ understanding of religious diversity in the UK.
What we achieved:

SACRE believed that this project would:
  • Improve the understanding of different faiths of the KS2/3 pupils involved in the event and help challenge any prejudices the pupils may have regarding people from different religious backgrounds
  • Enable the pupils involved to be more comfortable with difference
  • Provide an opportunity for pupils and staff from different schools to work together on a joint project
  • Provide further learning in each of the schools involved, with the pupils attending the day disseminating their learning and experiences back in their school as ‘Diversity Champions’
Feedback from pupils attending the day:
  • “I liked doing all the different activities and learning about different religions”.
  • “Everyone was kind and understanding”.
  • “Made new friends”
  • “ I got to learn about some of the religions and know that we are all equal”.
Feedback from teachers attending the day:
  • “It was good to have real-life visitors of different faiths. A few misconceptions were addressed, especially around Islam”.
  • “Enthusiastic, knowledgeable speakers. Light hearted. Challenging stereotypes”
  • “ A valuable experience for our children, coming from a small and not so religiously diverse community”.