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NASACRE and Cheshire West
and Chester SACRE

The art of thinking
independently together

Cheshire West will be hosting two transition days for two contrasting high schools to work with their RE Ambassadors and feeder primaries. Together we will be looking at the topic of diversity with a range of speakers and workshop leaders.

High School RE Ambassadors will be leading their own workshop and a primary school will also be training their RE Ambassadors as workshop leaders. Workshops will include; What is diversity and who is our neighbour? What does it mean to be a global citizen and what is a right to believe? What is life like for a Muslim in Britain today? As well as trialling and creating resources on core knowledge inline with the new syllabus.


We expect 70 primary pupils and 10 secondary pupils to be involved with the day. Resources will also be available for use back in school. The project will be developing the profile of RE in all schools and will be modelled as a suggestion for all high schools to adopt in the new Agreed Syllabus as part of a rolling program of transition days. We hope that this will help to develop links between high school RE departments and primary feeder schools also developing links with hard to reach schools who may not have engaged with RE training opportunities or local hubs. Pupils will have a greater awareness of diversity in their local area and the importance of tolerance and respect across Britain.

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