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Jericho Foundation
Ignition Project and Job Clubs
Our Progress:

May 2018 Update:

In the next 12 months we are aiming to achieve the following outputs:
  • The launch of three new Ignition Programmes and Job Clubs, bringing the total across Birmingham to 13 Ignition Programmes/Job Clubs
  • At least one additional Ignition Programme/Job Club being run, outside of Birmingham
  • 400 new jobseekers will have attended Ignition Programmes/Job Clubs
  • 100 individuals will have secured meaningful employment.
The outcomes for the unemployed beneficiaries of the Ignition programme will be:
  • Significantly increased opportunities for education, training and personal advancement
  • Significantly increased employment opportunities
  • Reduced social exclusion and reconnection with social networks
  • Improved confidence levels, self-esteem and social interaction
  • Increased economic independence
  • Greatly reduced risk of long term health, substance misuse and homelessness problems
  • Reduced repeat offending through economic independence
  • Increased ability to become significant contributors to the economy and culture their local communities
The outcomes for churches/faith/community organisations will be:
  • Improved reach and profile within local communities
  • Better utilisation of existing community assets
  • Increased opportunity for volunteer involvement in delivering measureable social benefit
  • Increased skills and confidence of volunteers
  • Increased employment levels in the local area which may help reduce crime, antisocial behaviour etc