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“Hate leads to fights, Fights lead to war, War leads to beautiful world no more”
Kieran Hunt

Havant Passion Play Ltd
Behold the Man

Havant Passion Play Limited (HPP)  has been a registered Company and Charity since January 2013. Our aim is to bring the Word of God to a wider audience though the medium of drama. Initially our cast and crew were drawn from a variety of local churches but as time has gone on we are drawing people from a wider demographic. It is of no importance to us how, or if people worship, everyone is welcome to join us in telling these wonderful stories. 

The three productions we have done so far have all been performed in the open air, in August,  in Havant Park, and are free to all comers.  We have been amazed to see people with bags of shopping just stop and look, then put down their shopping, sit on the grass and watch to the end of the play! 
Our first production in 2015 was a pure Passion Play depicting the last week in the life of Jesus Christ, based on Luke's Gospel. Our production in 2017 started with some of the miracles, healings and teachings of Jesus before showing  a more stylised Passion. Our latest production, in 2019, was based on the Gospel of Mark and Act 1 gave many actors an opportunity to take on larger roles. They depicted the disciples and followers telling unbelievers about Jesus, and the miracles and healings he performed, before Jesus actually appeared in Act 2! 
We have been fortunate in being able to employ the services of James Burke-Dunsmore as our, writer, producer, director and star actor for all three productions! James has been playing the role of Jesus for over 20 years, primarily at Wintershall in 'The Life of Christ', in The Wintershall Passion in Trafalgar Square on Good Fridays, in Guildford, Brighton and in many other countries around the world. He is the only paid member of the cast. 



We are always looking for ways to expand and take the message to a wider audience. During Lent 2017 we took a child friendly, 'Way of the Cross' into a local primary school. It was watched by the junior children, many of whom took part by carrying the cross, hammering in nails and joining in the singing. 
The Board of HPP is currently looking to the future and considering whether a play about the birth of Christ would be a worthwhile project for the community. This would be performed in late 2020. 

We are conscious that promotion of the aims of the charity to the borough of Havant and beyond is key to the viability of the charity and we are actively looking into ways of doing this. 
Much of our time between plays is taken up in fundraising for the next one! We have had a pop up shop, numerous quiz nights, a Barn Dance, a Tea Dance, Gospel Choir Workshops, Fashion Shows, skittle evenings and stalls at summer fairs etc. We are always open to other ways to raise money and people have signed up to make regular monthly donations, a 100 Club, and through our website. 
To contact us or to find out more about HPP you can sign up to our regular monthly newsletter through our website at or follow us on Facebook.

We welcome not only potential actors of all ages, but behind the scenes crew. We always need people to put up and take down the stage and gazeboes, move chairs and tables, make props, sew costumes,  make tea, help with publicity and advertising, make up artists, the list is endless!