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“Hate leads to fights, Fights lead to war, War leads to beautiful world no more”
Kieran Hunt

Diocese of Manchester
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God and the Big Bang

From the biochemistry of bacterial cells to astrophysical study of black holes, from animal behaviour to artificial intelligence, science is an awe-inspiring subject with important implications for understanding our place in the universe.

God and the Big Bang wants to encourage everyone to get excited about tackling the all-important questions about life, the universe and everything, so we seek to equip people with the resources and experiences they need in order to get thinking!

The first seeds of the project were sown in 2009, when the Diocese of Manchester took a motion to General Synod which stated that science and faith were compatible. When it was passed by an overwhelming majority, the Diocese was asked to create a project demonstrating that this was the case.

The ‘God and the Big Bang’ (GatBB) project was born out of that discussion, and has been running science and faith workshops in schools and cathedrals around the country for four years thanks to a generous initial grant from the Templeton World Charity Foundation.