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“The ocean is like God and raindrops are the religion. When they fall into the ocean they become one.”
Zoya Ahmed and Nurun Uddin

G.A.P. Entertainment
The Platform Project 

Gospel Arts Productions [G.A.P] was established in 2011. At G.A.P we believe there is a need for the gospel to reach young people in new and exciting ways that directly relates to their generation.

We fulfil our objectives through our two platforms: G.A.P Entertainment which is our production company specializing in the development, production & promotion of purpose driven entertainment, providing a platform of positive opportunities for marginalised, under and/or misrepresented groups within arts, media & entertainment, and our second strand is G.A.P Academy, which is where we train & mentor Christian youth ages 6-18 in performing arts teaching them to become stewards of their talents, through faith-arts ministry.

The Platform Project funded by Westhill is a combination of both G.A.P Entertainment and Academy which embraces a 12-month empowerment programme for disadvantaged young people aged 5 - 18, from deprived areas, who lack access and opportunities in arts due to social, economic, and cultural barriers. Participants of the project receive weekly industry standard training in Dance, music, drama, and media. In addition to the bible-based life skills and coaching participants will have the opportunity to work with creative professionals and take part in 4 performance art events and projects throughout the year within TV/film and theatre.

Due to COVID 19, Lockdown restrictions were placed on our projects, which prevented the participants to meet in person. However, we continued to run our sessions online in-order to keep the participants engaged in the programme. Each of the participants were assigned a mentor to keep track of their development and well-being during the lockdown.

The online sessions proved to be successful with many participants actively taking part in the classes. Through this we have been able to produce a number of social media video campaigns solely through the online tasks we provided.  Now that restrictions have been eased, The Platform project has resumed running in person with social distancing measures in place, as the participants work in smaller groups to commence with their projects.

Our current/further plans for the Platform project include:

Theatre Project - A Theatre Production remaking a well-known production and transforming it into a motivation message by incorporating Christian themes to educate & empower all people.

Music Project – Participants will produce, write, record and perform an inspirational song that has a positive message.

Dance Project – A Dance showcase, where participants will learn how they can will include different forms of praise dance from liturgical to mime to gospel hip hop.

Media Project - A media arts/video production project championing social action, where the young people will create short viral testimonial videos which will empower young people to make good life decisions.

We have managed to begin the development of our filmed projects and are now waiting for public venues to reopen to showcase our theatrical projects which will also be available to be viewed online.

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