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Listening People is a charitable organisation which centres around the issues associated with loss.
Our vision is that nobody in the UK, suffering with significant loss, to be left, floundering or alone.
We are particularly busy at the moment in the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic and we are listed as one of 4 organisations on the Government website as offering bereavement suppport.

Please look at our website if you or anyone you know needs support with bereavement. recognises that at times of loss many people are often lacking in energy and motivation, so it is important that we make it easy for them to find support in their local area. We recognise that loss comes in all shapes and sizes and affects people of all ages.
Our ABC is all about providing:

Accessible support for all

Bridging the gap

Changing the culture

Our website aims to be a ‘one stop shop’ of information which includes contact information for the large and the small bereavement charities and organisations that exist around the UK. The website includes a ‘live chat’ option called GriefChat, details of specific projects, links to articles and details of publications available.
At the moment we are very much focused on providing this support and we are producing a journal for bereaved children & young people: Tough Stuff - Someone Has Died, which will be available to order from our website or by email from


We have also recently produced online training around loss and children & young people and this has already been delivered to Neighbourhood Chaplains - part of Counties UK, a Baptist Church in London and youth workers in the West Midlands.  The training has the potential to equip many people at this difficult time.  Training is also scheduled to take place for senior management in schools and the Baptist Union.  Bespoke Training is available by request. Contact for details of future dates.  

Work with Young People:
The main focus of is on bereavement by death (including pregnancy) but in the case of young people we extend our work to loss more generally as this can have an enormous impact on the future and mental health of young people. We know that many young people in schools suffer in silence at times of loss.
The project we were awarded funding for, ListeningPeople, focuses on young people experiencing loss. We are developing resources under the brand "Tough Stuff", which includes training, materials and consultancy for anyone, working with young people who have experienced loss.  
Funding from Westhill has enabled us to complete our newest resource which is a journal entitled "Tough Stuff - Someone Has Died”.  This will soon be available from our website or by emailing

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