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Community Allotment Project
Dear God...
“Hate leads to fights, Fights lead to war, War leads to beautiful world no more”
Kieran Hunt

Our Project:

Project in progress

The project is to develop, produce and deliver a learning programme:

Values – what’s important.

Our heritage is more than just buildings and landscapes, more than mans progress through his ingenuity and quest to do things better.  His striving to move forward leaves a wake of changes and in the speed of these changes we seem to have left behind some of the better qualities (Values).

Our Organisation

DoorWays Youth Project are at the centre of enabling change in the young people we work with; we see the heritage of our local iron stone mining (ancestors of our young people) as a way to uncover their values and see how they may be incorporated in today’s world.

Our experience working with young people is that, at the root of many of their issues is a lack of values, (understanding of the important things in life). We feel that values are often not being taught or experienced in family life; schools focus predominantly on the academic side and even PSHE is put on a low gas.

Our vision is to create a learning experience that will impact on the lives of the young people, as they begin to understand the basics of belonging, responsibility, integrity, acceptance and respect.
Saltburn Christian Projects (DoorWays) is governed by Churches Together in Saltburn it is a company and registered charity. Our support work is not directly spiritual but meeting the needs in a practical way.



Travelling drift with young child


Skinningrove from the Cliffs