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Dear God...
“The ocean is like God and raindrops are the religion. When they fall into the ocean they become one.”
Zoya Ahmed and Nurun Uddin
Project In Progress
Supporting Chaplains of Higher Education Settings

The need to support chaplains has become more urgent as universities face increasing challenges. Chaplains, who are used to working face-to-face with students and staff of all faiths and beliefs, are having to find new ways of engaging with their communities.

We aim to provide support for HE chaplains by enabling networking and building relationships, offering regular opportunities for discussion, and providing high-quality input for theological and practical development through a series of webinars. Whilst our focus is on supporting Free Church chaplains, we operate an open-door policy, where any chaplains or those working in a chaplaincy-related role, are welcome.
Project In Progress
The Hildegard Project

The Hildegard Project, a direct response to COVID, builds on the work of the community for over 27 years, now facing a rapidly changing world.  Inspired by Hildegard of Bingen, 12thc., we are taking forward our commitment to holistic healing. Supporting people of all ages in their physical, mental and spiritual health through recognising the interface between the gardens, arts, spirituality and justice, which get to the heart of this project. We find that awareness between nature, spirituality and hospitality empowers people towards transformation of life.
Project In Progress
The Faith Guiding Course

The Faith Guiding Course is for those wishing to be trained to lead high-quality educational visits to places of worship. The Faith Encounter Programme has extensive knowledge of the faith sector and involvement with a wide range of faith-inspired organisations which has helped them to successfully engage collaboratively with diverse faith communities in Birmingham, the Midlands and further afield.

Their aims include offering customised courses in Faith Guiding to train Guides of all faiths to receive visitors with confidence and openness at their places of worship in the Midlands Region.
Project In Progress
RE CPD Understanding the heart of living faiths

Liverpool Community Spirit will deliver a 3D programme of Religious Education CPD, offering teachers Deeper learning, Deeper Experiencing and Deeper Understanding of 6 faiths: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism. The programme will draw on Community Spirit’s pioneering personal encounters methodologies in which participants meet local faith practitioners in the homely setting of LCD’s pioneering Faith Home Living Rooms.

They will also share their tried and tested experience of how to effectively use artefacts and faith centre visits. This CPD programme enables teachers to understand the key concepts underlying those faiths as lived out in the community.
Project In Progress
We want to better engage with marginalised faith and BAME communities who do not currently access our hospice services. We want to break down barriers so that religion, culture, ethnicity, language, faith, sexual orientation, age and wealth are never obstacles to accessing the care and support we offer.

We will work directly with local faith and community leaders, to understand how we can better serve the people they represent and we will raise awareness of St Clare Hospice within these communities – so that many more people know who we are, what we do and how we can help them.
Project In Progress
Celebrating Diversity

This project seeks to give a local SACRE the ability to try out some action research for teachers and pupils around subject knowledge enrichment in religious education (RE). In Barking and Dagenham, we have been developing a new RE syllabus over the last two years and have seen the need to provide opportunities for pupils to come together, meet local faith leaders and adherents (something new to our syllabus) to deeper their knowledge and understanding of religion and worldviews.

We hope the teacher CPD opportunities and the pupil conferences we this run between February-July 2021 will provide this.
Project In Progress
WIRE Award: Widening Inclusivity in Religious Education

The WIRE Award is an initiative of Bristol and South Gloucestershire SACRE. Its aims to encourage schools to take pupils to places of worship in the local area that is not the main religion within the school. We know that encountering believers really opens pupils eyes to faith and helps to improve understanding and tolerance. In addition, schools will put on events for parents to showcase what pupils have learnt about faith in their local area.
Project In Progress
Holy Ground is an exciting and creative three-day experience in partnership with Art and Christianity using the iconic Bloomsbury Group Murals within the church building, and drawing on its stunning location, nestled within the South Downs to explore the relationships between art, faith, and the environment.

Using these themes as a bridge we will connect with the wider community encouraging exploration of faith, reflective traditions, and pilgrimage as practices to support well-being and offering new ways for a wider audience base to engage with the life of the church and its ministry.
Project In Progress

Birmingham Game Changers is an innovative, year-long programme run by The Feast. The programme will be run in schools and support diverse groups of young people to become more confident in their own identity and beliefs, build friendships with peers from different faiths, cultures and backgrounds through honest and respectful dialogue, and to become part of a city-wide generation of game changers committed to growing peace and overcoming social division across Birmingham.
Project In Progress
RE-Live is a project to engage teachers in a mix of rural and urban areas in producing a series of model lesson plans for RE; making use of examples from a contemporary world. Viewing such experiences and events through the lens of 'Big Ideas' ensures that matters of religion and belief are the focus of learning.
Project In Progress
Places of Welcome 5th Anniversary: Celebrating Welcome, Friendship and Community

Places of Welcome is a network of grassroots community and faith groups offering welcome, hospitality and friendship. The network started in Birmingham and to celebrate its 5th Birthday we invited all of the Places of Welcome in Birmingham, Solihull and Sandwell (around 85 groups), to create a collective art installation that celebrates welcome and hospitality and the value of community and relationships.

Just over 75 Places of Welcome chose to take part in creating the art installation and each created an individual art panel which was then brought together to create one collective piece called ‘Our Place of Welcome’. This was launched at our birthday celebration event on the 27th February 2020, where over 170 people gathered to celebrate in St Martin in the Bull Ring Church.
Project In Progress
RE Awareness Course Pilot

RE Today Services is piloting an RE Awareness course that will be designed and written to work with Headteachers, Governors or SLT with responsibility for curriculum, with the aim to open up their thinking about the need to take RE seriously in their schools and its impact.

Initially, it will target schools identified as requiring support through their Ofsted reports or non-compliant schools to help change the understanding of and provision of RE within schools. It will be a 3-hour course that will include a trainer, course materials, a book / online template policy documents and curriculum development.
Project In Progress
In 2018 the Bullying and Belief project created a number of 2-5-minute films that can be used in RE, PSHE or citizenship lessons at primary and secondary schools, which investigate stories of those who have suffered from religious bullying in Newham, asking pupils to consider issues.

The students then went on to design lesson resources to support these films and Newham's RE adviser is now going on to write a toolkit ready for busy teachers to use and be able to investigate this type of bullying.
Project In Progress
This project was launched in response to a growing number of local RE leads asking for support with their RE Subject Knowledge across the board. We also know they received, on average, 3 hours of RE whilst engaged in Initial Teacher Training. We have devised a programme that makes use of local places of worship and SACRE members in 'expert' roles to provide a tour, talk, and Q&A's based on their faith tradition. Sessions are filmed to provide digital Continuous Professional Development for teacher back in school, increasing the reach of the project further.

Our first year has focused on Sikhism, Islam and Judaism and we plan to cover Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism and Humanism in a planned second year of the programme. We hope this supports our local RE teachers' subject knowledge effectively.
Project In Progress

The biennial Chaiya Art Awards is the UK’s leading awards exploring spirituality and faith through the visual arts, with a top prize of £10,000.  

This competition has its roots in Christianity but it is about engaging with people of all faiths; those who have no belief in God and everyone in between, giving people the opportunity to explore and experience God through art.  

Each theme based award culminates in a thought-provoking exhibition displaying 40-60 artists’ work.  We look to uncover, promote and reward gifted artists in different mediums including painting, drawing, sculpture, textiles, ceramics, photography and video, who express their creativity in response to the given theme.
Project In Progress
Amal at Greenbelt

This project was an ambitious strand of programming planned for Greenbelt 2020. The project sought to platform a diverse rage of Muslim artistry and thought at the heart of a long-established, progressive Christian arts festival.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic across the world these plans have had to change. Please read on to find out more.
Project In Progress
Our aim is to enhance our presence in communities that never or rarely utilise our palliative care services, despite needing our support. This initiative will see Birmingham St Mary’s develop targeted service strategies to support individuals with life-limiting illness from diverse and marginalised groups in Birmingham and Sandwell.

This work will help dispel myths about hospice care in communities it’s low referral rates, through the promotion of our equality and diversity practices.
Project In Progress
Cork 3FF Interfaith Information

Cork Three Faiths Forum are producing Interfaith information leaflets to help us learn more about each other's faiths.
Project In Progress
A Passion for Cheadle” will take place on Saturday, 4th April 2020. This community-based performance of gospel for Cheadle is firmly rooted in our faith and it has been in our prayers for a number of years. Passion plays have the ability to promote dialogue and inspire new relationships between people of differing faiths and none, and are an opportunity for exploration and mutual understanding.

It will be a community coming together for a shared experience which lasts long in the memory after the event. Singers, dancers, actors, stewards, who might not normally come into contact with each other will work together in their shared vision for an expected audience of 2,000 people.
Project In Progress
Fenland Primary Schools Project

A project to research, design and trial ideas for enabling primary schools pupils (in areas when there is no access to faith centres other than Christianity), to engage with faith communities and world views through encounters with believers and practitioners. 
Project In Progress
Real People, Real Faith

What do believers really think? How can teachers share the diversity of opinion easily in class?

Using questions from the Pan-Berkshire syllabus such as: “Why are religious celebrations important to some people?” and “To what extent do religious beliefs encourage good behaviour?” this series of short filmed interviews gives a range of voices from a variety of religious backgrounds the opportunity to express their opinions.

Made on location across Berkshire each interview is set against the background of an appropriate place of worship. Additional material will be available to help teachers use these films in class.
Project In Progress
PCN is pleased to announce the launch in the spring of 2020 of six short films which challenge what religious faith has to say to people in our contemporary society. Each film is a personal story and brings alive issues to do with sex and sexuality, with interfaith relationships, with climate change, poverty and other matters which are at the heart of today's world and people's lives.
Project In Progress
The Story Tent project brings together the theoretical findings that came out of a recently completed PhD carried out at Warwick Religious Education Research Unit (WRERU) and the practical experience of the Rose Castle Foundation (RCF), a hub for Scriptural Reasoning (SR) in the UK and internationally.

SR focuses on developing an understanding of religion, as experienced by faith participants through shared dialogue around sacred texts. It is a practice where people of different faith traditions come together to share their sacred texts in an environment of mutual trust and respect.
Project In Progress
Mustard Tree works with people facing multiple disadvantage in Greater Manchester. We are delivering English for Speakers of Other Languages courses at our community hub, which will enable asylum seekers and refugees to learn and build positive social connections with people from different backgrounds and faiths.
Project In Progress
Biblical Yoga Project

Biblical Yoga is a recent development of MHA written by one of our Chaplains, Yvonne Myres, who works at Amathea Care Home in Cumbria. We plan to deliver this project through a series of events titled Worship Engagement in Later Life (WELL). The training will be open to all faith in this area.
Project In Progress
Opened in February 2016 the Faith in Birmingham Gallery, at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, is a space for shared exploration of faith practice in the city. Since opening, the museum has been committed to developing the gallery by working with new faith groups and communities each year to diversify the stories told in the space.

This project will be the third rotation of objects and stories, this year working with local African & African Caribbean communities to increase their representation in the gallery.
Project In Progress
Due to national funding cutbacks in the UK, many community English language programmes have been reduced, leaving new immigrants and asylum seekers vulnerable and more likely to remain isolated.

Christian TEFL is developing a pilot project to train Christians to teach English in their local churches, helping immigrants who don't speak English assimilate into their communities with an opportunity for gospel outreach. Initially we plan to run projects in three churches, and if successful we aim to develop further English teacher training opportunities to churches throughout the UK.
Project In Progress
Our projects seeks to encourage interfaith dialogue and awareness by uniting women of different faiths in conversation over food and art based activities. 
Project In Progress
Buried Treasure

Buried Treasure is a day-long event aimed at Year 6, 7 and 8 students. Participants take the role of explorers, working in small groups facing a series of challenges and carrying out experiments to discover if the sacred texts of various religions hold some answers for the issues in the world today. 

The quotations or 'gems' they uncover from direct exposure to the sacred texts will be worked in to precious artefacts to be kept in a treasure chest to be shared with others.
Project In Progress
Local Inter Faith Guide

Our project is to publish a third edition of the Local Interfaith Guide to support the development and reinvigorate local interfaith groups by giving practical support, case studies and links to useful resources. The guide will enable those particularly wanting to establish groups to draw on best practice based on the experience of others. 
Project In Progress
CWAC have hosted two transition days with an RE focus looking at diversity both locally and globally. Children who participated became Agents for Diversity and completed different challenges about how they can contribute to life in a diverse world. During the year the project has also contributed to the new Agreed Syllabus as pupils have contributed their views on what core knowledge should look like. 
Project In Progress
Greenbelt Festivals

The Grave of Dreams is an exhibition of paintings by the teenage Gazan artist, Malak Mattar. The exhibition was staged in the Tapestry Suite at Boughton House, near Kettering, as part of The Greenbelt Arts, Faith and Justice Festival - as part of building greater inter-cultural and inter-religious understanding and appreciation.
Project In Progress
Tales of Wonder, Wisdom and Humour

Religious Education in many schools is not seen as a priority and some non-muslim parents feel concerned when it has anything to do with Islam. Using multi-faith storytelling, with professional award-winning Khayaal Theatre, we hope to build bridges in the primary schools and generate a better understanding of not just Islamic but of other faiths and cultures too, highlighting mutual links and crossover between all traditions. Means of storytelling does not confront orthodoxy of religion; it rather seeks to inform participants in a culturally acceptable manner.
Project In Progress
RISING Global Peace Forum

The Forum is a collaborative venture between Coventry University, Coventry Cathedral and Coventry City Council that gathers peacebuilders, policymakers and academics from around the world to explore and promote stratergies for resolving conflict and sustaining peaceful societies.
Project In Progress
This project is in the planning stages. This project aims to enable pupils from vastly different social, economic and cultural backgrounds to encounter each other, interact and communicate.

Pupils will examine their own ideas and expectations of community; identity; diversity and belonging. Four key questions will form the basis of the project - Who am I? Who are we? Where do we live? How do we all live well together? Through examining similarities and differences, pupils will reflect together on how we can change negative attitudes and challenge community stereotypes.

By working on shared art work, meeting people of faith and developing ideas for other teachers to use, a toolkit will be developed.
Project In Progress
Christianity - Big Questions

Our project aims to reach out to many different audiences via social media, websites, home viewing, faith groups, with a series of short films challenging the viewers to think about Christianity in contemporary society. 

What are the big questions which the Christian faith needs to ask itself?  What are the big questions in society in which Christianity seeks to address? How might our viewers be challenged to rethink their perceptions of Christianity and which might be the future for a progressive faith?
Project In Progress
The Community Participation Programme is a holistic 3 phase programme building confidence, skills and positive relationships through creative activity for local people in Sparkbrook. Each phase is designed to build on the last working towards a deeper level of engagement.

The programme supports positive change by encouraging participation and interaction in a safe shared learning environment, centred around creative and fun activities. It values and promotes the skills and assests of the people in the local community by sharing cultural history and experiences. Finally, the project builds a strong and empowered community by developing the educational, practical and language skills of participants.
Project In Progress
Faith and Climate Network

Our project aims to coordinate the development and establishment of a city region wide Faith and Climate Network. We aim to bring together people from different denominations and faiths to create a stakeholders group to support, develop and sustain the network. We will coordinate 3 faith community Faith and Climate events to inspire, educate and enable faith communities to share and take actions on climate change.
Project In Progress
This community-based collaborative project brings together participants from a range of ages, cultures, religions and experiences to help develop religious and cultural literacy in the region. Based in primary and secondary schools across Lincolnshire, the aim of the work is to challenge misconceptions and provide a safe space for encounter and positive engagement.

Participants will work with playwrights, actors, technical and digital teams, subject experts and crucially, each other, to produce a series of performances exploring social and moral issues of living well together. REConnecting Lincolnshire provides and exciting opportunity to discover the richness of identity in modern Britain.
Project In Progress
Bible Engagement in multi-faith Schools

This project enables thousands of primary school children, in multi-faith cities across England and Wales, to engage with Bible Stories in a sensitive, educationally acceptable style.  In partnership with Birmingham City Mission, the Bible Society seeks to engage inter-faith dialogue between the Christian church and primary schools where children are from other faiths and none.

The project is building bridges between different faiths and cultures between communities. Different Christian church denominations come together to deliver Bible stories as part of collective workship in multi-faith primary schools, giving children and foundational understanding of our society's Christian heritage, enabling them to compare and contrast.
Project In Progress
Developing Deeper Discussion

The aim of this project is first to provide pocket guides to relationships between Christians and other faith communities (Muslim, Jewish, Sikh and Buddist). Second, we will use these guides to facilitate deeper discussion between Christians and other faith communities.
Project In Progress
Celebrating Diversity

Our project is seeing to share Newham Sacre's (Standing Advisory Councils for Religious Education) good practice over to Waltham Forest Sacre. This will happen in three ways; we will run year 5 Inter-faith one-day conferences with 18 Waltham Forest Primary Schools; we will share and help Waltham Forest build their own version of Student Sacre; and we will run training for both Sacre's in order to help members have greater knowledge of their role as a Sacre as well as sharing best practice. 
Project In Progress
We encourage people to learn Engish so they are able to communicate with people like teachers and doctors and can visit places such as libraries and other public places. Anyone can access our group and trained tutors will provide support as they learn. All our staff have undertaken training and personal checks (DBS).
Project In Progress
Building Bridges Between Communities

Building Bridges Between Communities aims to bring people from different backgrounds together for interactive discussions and sharing of experiences.  The project will bring self-help groups and community organisations together to work and share resources.
Project In Progress
FACES (Faiths Against Child Exploitation)

FACES (Faiths Against Child Exploitation) is a growing interfaith project in Luton that is committed to challenging Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE). We are aware of cases around the country where faith, both Christian and Muslim, has been projected negatively in discussions about CSE.

The working group came together to consider how we, as faith communities, could work together to be part of the solution. FACES has delivered training material for faith leaders to raise awareness around CSE. Further resources are being developed for different contexts that will empower and equip members of the community to recognise the signs and stand against CSE.
Project In Progress
You're not on Your Own!

Fired Up Theatre and St Augustine's CE First School wish to highlight the voices of children at school. Voices that project confidence, skills and creativity in order to make them stronger in their faith whilst living in isolated and expansive rural areas.

Their voices echo the thoughts of many other people in the surrounding communities of East Staffordshire.
Project In Progress
Resilient Me, Resilient You

People talk about ‘British values’, but what does this mean to children and young people? This project will enable pupils in two lower secondary schools to explore identity and what it means to be British, to share their ideas and then to work with upper primary pupils to develop aspects of values transition in a mixed local community. 

Working on iPads, pupils will respond to concepts such as identity and identity-in-difference, respect for self and others and the Golden Rule, using the agreed syllabus for RE and SMSC as stimuli. They will produce e-Books on these themes which will then be shared with and used by primary schools to stimulate transitional work in the community.
Project In Progress
Peace and Reconciliation Toolkit and Resources for the Classroom

Coventry Cathedral are designing a ready-to-use curriculum for teachers to use in RE lessons which will equip students with skills to be peace buildes in school, community and the wider world, through deepening knowledge and understanding of Christianity.  This resource will enable teachers to fulfill the statutory requirement for teaching RE in schools and be suitable for non-specialists.
Project In Progress
Small Footsteps

Small Footsteps aims to inspire specifically young people from different faith backgrounds (and none) to value the environment which is at risk through climate change. We believe that the best way of doing this is for faith groups to work together in ways that demonstrate deep shared values faiths have for the environment.

Small Footsteps 2017 was a five day multi-faith summer school for young people aged 11-14. Young people were introduced to the envoronment through practical activities related to food and food waste, recycling, water, trees, energy, the ecological cycle of life and finally how these all relate to the dangers of climate change. Woven into these practical activities are the connections with the environment and natural world made by different faiths.
Project In Progress
Spirited Arts ‘Art in Heaven’ is an annual art competition for primary and secondary school pupils, hosted by NATRE. In its 15th year this competition has attracted over 320,000 participants (averaging 20,000 per year!) since 2004, with 2,000 entries being sent in to NATRE each year for judging.

Hundreds of UK and overseas schools get involved. Information and themes for the 2018 competition are now available via this project page.
Project In Progress
Exploring Religious Diversity: What does it mean to follow a faith in Britain today?

This project brings year 7 pupils together from a rural secondary school, with Y5 and 6 pupils from 6 feeder primary schools in the Settle area of North Yorkshire to experience and explore religious diversity through four workshops, led by people from a range of different faiths.

Members of SACRE were involved in the planning and delivery of the day. As part of the day, pupils were trained as 'Diversity Champions', empowered to organise and run diversity themed events in their own schools. The 'Exploring Diversity' day took place in Nov 2017.
Project In Progress
The Platform Project

The Platform Project is a 12-month Creative Arts programme provided for young people between the ages of 5-25, giving them access to professional opportunities and training in music, dance, drama and media, whilst gaining an accredited arts award qualification.

The young people will be involved in projects designed to create an atmosphere of positive influence throughout the community.  We want to see young people embracing art in creative ways giving them a voice to express themselves. The young people will become stewards of their own gifts and help those in need within the community. Lastly, they will create professional high-quality entertainment which is affordable and accessible to everyone.
Project In Progress
Teaching about Religious Diversity in Inclusive Schools: Developing Collaborative Practice between Research and Teachers.

Our project aims to investigate how RE teachers can make use of research to improve pedagogy. The focus is on research from the University of Warwick, especially the Council of Europe publication Signposts (Jackson 2014).

In partnership with a large secondary school in South Yorkshire we will look at how research data can be used as a basis for innovative teaching and create a case study including some practical stratergies and reports. This will, in turn, generate further data on pupils' perspectives on RE. Lesson observations and interviews with pupils will be important parts of our study. 
Project In Progress
Vibing an Interfaith Prayer Space at Greenbelt Festival 2017

Building on our Interfaith Programming at the 2017 festival we are establishing a brand new chapel / prayer venue for those of all faiths and none to use over the weekend.  The grant from Westhill was to enable us to 'vibe' this space beautifully in a way that encourages a feeling of Divine Connection.
Project In Progress
The Faith Encounter Project trains people of different faiths to deliver educational guided tours of their own places of worship with skill and sensitivity through our Faith Guiding Courses. We currently run a 12 week course annually as well as day courses customised to organisations specifications. 

We support teachers to effectively plan visits to various places of worship, provide speakers for in-school programmes to postrer positive interfaith understanding among pupils. The project also provides training to various organisations within the West Midlands region and beyond equiping their staff and volunteers with relevant interfaith understanding.
Project In Progress
Diversity in Collective Worship

This project will produce 14 video clips, with additonal support and guidence material, for primary schools to support collective worship, focusing on non-christian acts of worship.  The project will involve members from SACRE, Inter-Faith Forums, specialist creative media college staff and students and a range of primary schools to pilot and give feedback on the materials developed.

There will be a launch event in the summer term 2018.

The project will provide all Shropshire primary schools with a tailored resource to address an area of weakness and concern they have clearly expressed to SACRE. It will also build further bridges between SACRE, Inter-Faith Forums, schools and children to develop an awareness and deeper understanding of different religions, world views and culttures.
Project In Progress
Women of Faith

The Women of Faith project aims to give women the confidence they need to develop as leaders on a range of fields. The women are drawn from different faith communities and also includes those of no faith. They will be encouraged to build supportive relationships and continie these relationships beyond the scope of the programme by acting as peer-mentors for one another.
Project In Progress
Birmingham Conversations

The Birmingham Conversations brings together people of different faiths to explore issues that are often contentious or controversial. The Conversations create a safe space where issues can be discussed without expectation of consensus but rather consecutive dialogue.  The current Conversations looks at "How we can live at peace in a word of conflict" and will produce resources for others to use, including young leaders.
Project In Progress

Under the theme of Explore:Engage:Reflect the interactive project will contribute to the embedding of the new Staffordshire Agreed Syllabus in Religious Education. Year 6 and year 7 pupils from a range of Staffordshire schools, with teachers, will gain an insight into living with, and within, religious diversity through separate encounters with Christian and Muslim presenters and associates artefacts and materials.

Pupils will use ipads to document creatively their experiences and record their reactions. The resulting e-books will be uploaded to form a 'virtual classroom' which will act as a legacy resource for Staffordhire schools and stimulate further embedding events.
Project In Progress
Faith School Linking

Our Faith Schools Linking programme enables young people from different faith schools to meet and learn about the faith and belief identities of other young people different to themselves.

We will recruit and support faith schools in the West Midlands to deliever three links in year 1 and five links in year 2 of the programme.
Project In Progress
Working with Together for The Common Good and faith communities, we aim to creatively engage with students from partner primary schools, secondary schools and local residents to generate learning expeirences that will promote interfaith dialogue based around FAITH in North Liverpool.

We will bring together some of the leading thinkers on the common good from across the Christian demoninatios, Jewish and Muslim traditions. The project will focus on three main strands: Education into diversity amoung young people; Community Benefit; and Religious Education and Collective Worship. We will be developing a multi-faith RE project called "Near Neighbours" based on the Church Urban Fund initiatve.
Project In Progress
Understanding Islam. Understanding Hiduism.

The Understanding Christianity project ( has been launched into over 2,750 Primary and Secondary schools, inspiring engaging RE, raising standards and enthusing teachers and pupils alike to look afresh at Christianity in RE.

RE Today ( are seeking to build on this success by exploring the possibilities for “Understanding Islam” and “Understanding Hinduism”. Westhill Trust kindly funded initial “proof of concept” work for both of these projects.
Project In Progress
Theos, in partnership with the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations at Coventry University, are proposing a project that will conduct and disseminate new research and analysis about the place of faith and belief on university campuses. It will propose a positive vision of the ways in which religious belief and commitment should be understood and fostered on campus and, by implication, in the public square into which students pass. This is a topic of significant importance.

The place of religion and belief on campus is becoming increasingly contested, with debates over the limits of free speech, religious provision, proselytism and religious freedom all prompting media attention over the past few months. However, despite these issues there has been little quality research into the place of religion in universities and how faith groups ought to relate to and live alongside student unions and university administrations.

We are proposing to remedy that situation. A national quantitative overview will attempt to be the first to actually map each of the faith and belief societies currently operating in British universities. It will then seek to answer the fundamental question of how faith and belief societies help foster more socially cohesive and peaceful campuses.
Project In Progress
The Restart Chaplian Project provide spiritual and pastoral support to homeless prison leavers. Many men and women leaving prison face prospects of homelessness, with no family or friends to support them. On top of this, the support they recieved from trained prison chaplains is lost when they walk through the prison gates. This often leads to increased chance of being led astray. Feeling desperate and alone, the risk of returning to a life of crime and poverty is highly increased.

The Restart Chaplain Project offers these people the support and companionship they need to piece their life back together. We achieved this via spiritual and pastoral care, showing individuals the way of the gospel and facilitating their connection with faith and the church community.