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Stratford Hospital
Dear God...
“Hardly anyone can ever find God because God is right at the end of your mind after all the background thoughts are gone.”
Maisie Satchwell-Hust
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Passion for the Planet

Damn Cheek CIC and Gateshead Deanery’s Passion for the Planet is a multifaith community-centred theatre project. Schools and community groups will explore creations tries and what they might teach us about caring for the planet, with activities throughout May/June 21 including invitations to explore and develop their own creativity and skills by creating content for the production.

The project culminates in a two-week run of a specifically commissioned site specific production at Christ Church, Felling, into which the community work and the faith stories are interwoven and in which the audience play an active role. All in a Covid-secure environment!
Project In Progress
The Road to Easter

Havant Passion Play Limited (HPP) has been a registered Company and Charity since January 2013. Our aim is to bring the Word of God to a wider audience through the medium of drama.

The three productions we have done so far have all been performed in the open air but in 2020 and 2021 we have had to find new ways of working. For Holy Week 2021, we produced an online event called ‘The Road to Easter’.

The first trailer went out on 19th March 2021 followed by films shown each day from Palm Sunday until Easter Sunday inclusive. Please read our webpage to find out more about us and our project.
Project In Progress
Just Festival has been an important part of the Fringe for many years – 2020 being our 20th anniversary. Despite the strange and unusual circumstances of 2020 we decided to carry on and rethink our programme in a way that would best maintain the unique spirit of the Just Festival, and create the space for people to gather online to discuss those issues that most affect our lives today with our fantastic range of eclectic and expert panellists.
Project In Progress
Brand new for 2021, RISE Theatre will be touring an exciting new interactive day for whole primary schools to participate in. Join us on a breath-taking journey of discovery around the earth and into space, learning about the beauty of God's creation, His incredible love for every person, and how each of us can care for our planet and the environment. The day features Covid-safe interactive sessions, arts activities, and an exhilarating afternoon show for all ages.
Project In Progress

"Parable" is a dance theatre production and integrated workshop programme that provides schools with visually exciting and imaginative ways to boost children's engagement with R.E.

Image credit Claremont Photography
Project In Progress
In 2018 the Bullying and Belief project created a number of 2-5-minute films that can be used in RE, PSHE or citizenship lessons at primary and secondary schools, which investigate stories of those who have suffered from religious bullying in Newham, asking pupils to consider issues.

The students then went on to design lesson resources to support these films and Newham's RE adviser is now going on to write a toolkit ready for busy teachers to use and be able to investigate this type of bullying.
Project In Progress
Sparkfish Christmas and Easter Experiences

The Christmas Journey is an interactive retelling of the Nativity Story for year 2 pupils, and the Easter Experience is a dramatic presentation of Holy Week and Easter for Year 5 pupils. Around 800 children attended each with over 60 volunteers from local churches involved.
Project In Progress
Amal at Greenbelt

This project was an ambitious strand of programming planned for Greenbelt 2020. The project sought to platform a diverse rage of Muslim artistry and thought at the heart of a long-established, progressive Christian arts festival.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic across the world these plans have had to change. Please read on to find out more.
Project In Progress
A Passion for Cheadle” will take place on Saturday, 4th April 2020. This community-based performance of gospel for Cheadle is firmly rooted in our faith and it has been in our prayers for a number of years. Passion plays have the ability to promote dialogue and inspire new relationships between people of differing faiths and none, and are an opportunity for exploration and mutual understanding.

It will be a community coming together for a shared experience which lasts long in the memory after the event. Singers, dancers, actors, stewards, who might not normally come into contact with each other will work together in their shared vision for an expected audience of 2,000 people.
Project In Progress
Pattern Up: Promoting Haringey Communities Against Violence

PATTERN UP is a community play exploring themes of racism, youth violence and families in Tottenham’s African Caribbean community. It is performed by, and based on, the lives of Tottenham community activists, Ken Hinds and June Tuitt. Its first run (Arts Council England and Westhill funded) proved to be a powerful vehicle for engaging people in intergenerational dialogue and exploring solutions.

Building on its impact and outcomes, we are developing the play further, in particular to promote Haringey Communities Against Violence, a grass roots voluntary organisation founded by Ken and June and other local people in Haringey.
Project In Progress
Edinburgh Passion 2020

The Edinburgh Passion 2020 will tell the story of Easter through an ambitious creative, cultural and artistic showcase spanning different areas in the city. We will be telling the Easter story in "real time", starting on the Thursday night and going all the way through until the Sunday morning with different community groups across the city taking 1 hour each. There will be diverse groups telling the story for 63 consecutive hours. There are a number of groups signed up including homeless groups, different churches, refugees etc.
Project In Progress
The Emmanuel School of Drama exists to enable children to explore and express their Christian faith, giving voice to what is most important to them with courage, creativity and conviction. Our desire is to partner with creative communities in Oxford, generously and graciously engaging in dialogue and giving voice to the Christian faith in these settings. In this way we hope to promote a pattern of positive Christian engagement in the arts and other areas of contemporary culture.
Project In Progress
Shepherds Crook Puppet Theatre is one of the participating initiatives of the Lichfield Christian Schools Work Trust. It is an ongoing project which seeks to promote religious knowledge in an interesting and lively way, for the whole primary school age range, through the dramatic imagining and retelling of bible stories using the medium of puppetry.
Project In Progress
Behold the Man

Havant Passion Play Limited is a charitable company limited by guarantee.  Our aim is to bring the Word of God to the wider public through the medium of acting. Our first production was in August 2015 when we put on a play focusing on the Passion of Christ based on the Gospel of Luke. 

In August 2017 we had our second production, "Jesus in the Park" and in August 2019 we completed our third production "Behold the Man!" The productions all take place in Havant Park and are free to all comers.
Project In Progress
City Youth - say no to anti-social behaviour

City Youth is helping young people (16-25) to say no to engaging in anti-social behaviour, cyber-bullying and the use of drugs and alcohol, by providing innovative ways to explore and discuss such issues in a safe, non-judgemental environment. We aim to empower young people using drama, music and words.
Project In Progress
With Full Conviction is a play which seeks to present the Christian message as one of life and experience rather than a system of belief. In the performance two people are helped to recover their lives and purpose through the intervention of a third character who brings them a message of hope through engagement with both their spiritual and practical needs.

The performance challenges some attitudes about other people which are often held in both churches and society. Following each performance there will be an optional discussion around the themes of the play – forgiveness, blessing, healing and salvation – and those present will be invited to join a course which has been created by the writer of the play.
Project In Progress
Holy Week 2019 brought this unique contemporary retelling of the extraordinary Easter story of Jesus' journey to the cross and resurrection to the streets of Birmingham City Centre. With a diverse team of over 100 community actors, Saltmine Theatre Company, musicians, technicians and stewards, the Birmingham Passion play took place three times, travelling from the Bullring to the Cathedral.
Project In Progress
The disappearance of Eliza Grey is an entertaining full-length play exploring why people with Dementia can become invisible and how to enable them to live well. It supports the Alzheimer's Society 'Dementia Friendly Community' initiative.

Using a crime drama format, this two-hander, makes use of the familiarity of a small rural church setting, and can be performed in any space. This play also connects to other issues that cause people to become invisible in society. Audiences have loved the show and provided great feedback. It easily adapts into a workshop for carers, or people living with dementia.
Project In Progress
Tales of Wonder, Wisdom and Humour

Religious Education in many schools is not seen as a priority and some non-muslim parents feel concerned when it has anything to do with Islam. Using multi-faith storytelling, with professional award-winning Khayaal Theatre, we hope to build bridges in the primary schools and generate a better understanding of not just Islamic but of other faiths and cultures too, highlighting mutual links and crossover between all traditions. Means of storytelling does not confront orthodoxy of religion; it rather seeks to inform participants in a culturally acceptable manner.
Project In Progress
The Journey

An immersive, transient piece of theatre, taking the audience through the journey as imagined for Mary and Joseph frm Nazareth to Bethlehem. As we move along the audience will encounter street drama to give them a sense of the bigger picture, how the population felt at this time of great uncertainty and upheaval.