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Rock Community Church
Dear God...
“Hate leads to fights, Fights lead to war, War leads to beautiful world no more”
Kieran Hunt
Project In Progress
Angels of Stonegrove

Angels of Stonegrove is an arts project based on bringing people together to nourish their creativity through a focus on angels. With the help of St. Peter’s Church we established and strengthened relationships across generational, ethnic and class borders by offering of free, regular art workshops which serve as a venue for learning new things, resulting in artworks that have become part of a semi-permanent display at our home in the OneStonegrove joint community and church centre.

Originally conceived for face-to-face contact, the project migrated to zoom due to COVID but we aim to relaunch live when we can.
Project In Progress
Journey Through Art

“Pop In – Drop In” is a community project based in Birmingham. The peer-led group are planning a project titled ‘A Journey Through Art’ which will utilise the creativity of artists who use art as a therapeutic tool for mental health. The artists will work closely with participants to work towards improving community, spirituality and mental health. Gallery visits and exhibitions will also enhance the experience.
Project In Progress
Treasure Trails

Thousands of people have attended our treasure trails at Hull Community Church, and this funding allows us to extend those by bringing the Narnia Trail to other churches, and creating a new Rainbow Trail.

The Narnia Trail, which has been visited to date by 8,000 people, explores the themes of temptation, betrayal, trust, redemption and faith through a hands-on, interactive experience from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The new Rainbow Trail is for the lead-up to Pride with the theme of being “wonderfully and colourfully made” – exploring families of all kinds, through colour and art.
Project In Progress
Just Festival has been an important part of the Fringe for many years – 2020 being our 20th anniversary. Despite the strange and unusual circumstances of 2020 we decided to carry on and rethink our programme in a way that would best maintain the unique spirit of the Just Festival, and create the space for people to gather online to discuss those issues that most affect our lives today with our fantastic range of eclectic and expert panellists.
Project In Progress
School Visits to Places of Worship in Birmingham

The Arts Society  Birmingham (TASB) is leading a project in collaboration with Paul Davies of VYKA, a film company, and the Faith Encounter Programme, to enable school groups to make virtual visits to places of worship to promote respect, empathy and understanding.

Illustrated guides are being designed for children ( Key Stages 2 and 3) together with a teachers’ resource pack of follow up activities encouraging active, memorable interfaith education through the arts. The materials are designed to be compatible with the Agreed Syllabus and we are liaising with other Faith organisations.

One of the objectives is to extend the project to the West Midlands and other multi faith cities in the UK.
Project In Progress
The Noise Arts Festival

The Noise Arts Festival is organised by the local church for its surrounding community. Working with people of all ages and backgrounds, seeking to create interaction between the church and the community. The festival uses the arts, including comedy, music, dance, drama and family focused events to create a place to engage.

2020 has been a challenging year, our Easter Programme was cancelled and with October event constantly changing in light of the pandemic restrictions, we decided to go ahead with a massively changed programme.
Project In Progress
Holy Ground is an exciting and creative three-day experience in partnership with Art and Christianity using the iconic Bloomsbury Group Murals within the church building, and drawing on its stunning location, nestled within the South Downs to explore the relationships between art, faith, and the environment.

Using these themes as a bridge we will connect with the wider community encouraging exploration of faith, reflective traditions, and pilgrimage as practices to support well-being and offering new ways for a wider audience base to engage with the life of the church and its ministry.
Project In Progress
 In Autumn 2020 with the support of Westhill Endowment we have undertaken a schools and communities project called ‘Light of Hope’. 140 schools have now taken part which is the largest number we have ever worked with on a schools art project. Children were able to make a creative response to the pandemic, to express what they might be feeling.

Our Artist-in-Residence, Peter Walker, also created a spectacular art installation at the Cathedral, his own ‘light of hope’ to tie in with the project. Please read on.
Project In Progress
The platform project is an annual 12-month programme for disadvantaged young people ages 5-16 from deprived areas, who lack access and opportunities in arts due to social, economic and cultural barriers.

Participants of the project will receive weekly industry standard training and faith-based dance, drama, music and media. In addition to bible-based life skills and coaching, participants will get the opportunity to participate in four performing arts events and projects throughout the year.
Project In Progress
Places of Welcome 5th Anniversary: Celebrating Welcome, Friendship and Community

Places of Welcome is a network of grassroots community and faith groups offering welcome, hospitality and friendship. The network started in Birmingham and to celebrate its 5th Birthday we invited all of the Places of Welcome in Birmingham, Solihull and Sandwell (around 85 groups), to create a collective art installation that celebrates welcome and hospitality and the value of community and relationships.

Just over 75 Places of Welcome chose to take part in creating the art installation and each created an individual art panel which was then brought together to create one collective piece called ‘Our Place of Welcome’. This was launched at our birthday celebration event on the 27th February 2020, where over 170 people gathered to celebrate in St Martin in the Bull Ring Church.
Project In Progress

The biennial Chaiya Art Awards is the UK’s leading awards exploring spirituality and faith through the visual arts, with a top prize of £10,000.  

This competition has its roots in Christianity but it is about engaging with people of all faiths; those who have no belief in God and everyone in between, giving people the opportunity to explore and experience God through art.  

Each theme based award culminates in a thought-provoking exhibition displaying 40-60 artists’ work.  We look to uncover, promote and reward gifted artists in different mediums including painting, drawing, sculpture, textiles, ceramics, photography and video, who express their creativity in response to the given theme.
Project In Progress
Amal at Greenbelt

This project was an ambitious strand of programming planned for Greenbelt 2020. The project sought to platform a diverse rage of Muslim artistry and thought at the heart of a long-established, progressive Christian arts festival.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic across the world these plans have had to change. Please read on to find out more.
Project In Progress
An evening with Octave.

Westhill’s exhibition 'Octave' was displayed at a local church for an evening of thoughts, reflections, prayer and discussion.  The speaker referred to the artist’s thoughts and intentions, as well as her own personal reflections and talked about how God had spoken into parts of her life through the paintings.
Dying Matters: During May 2019 South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust took a free loan of Westhill’s exhibition Bald Statements which was displayed in The Health and Wellbeing Café of Stratford Hospital as part of their Dying Matters week.
Project In Progress
During May 2019 Providence United Reformed Church in Derbyshire took a free loan of Westhill’s Exhibition, Living Life, a collection of paintings by Ruth Goodheir.

The exhibition was displayed during their Dying Awareness week and was a focus for a reflective service of remembrance, as well as being open to the public every afternoon from 3pm – 7pm as an enrichment to the accompanying activities.
Project In Progress
‘The Word’ is Lichfield Cathedral’s first poetry competition and festival, celebrating our creativity through the form of the written word and exploring themes of ‘Awe & Wonder’ and ‘Light in our Darkness’. We will be encouraging people to reflect on the origins of the universe, human care for Earth and the sheer vastness and complexity of space, light and time in the anniversary year of the first Moon landing.

This is a valuable opportunity to engage with an important anniversary but also important theological questions about creation, cosmology and care for the Earth which space travel and astronomical discoveries have stimulated.
Project In Progress
Lent Art Installation "Footfall"

The annual Lent Art Installation at Southwark Cathedral is about giving people new access points to the Cathedral, through an exploration of unconventional materials and mediums. The 2019 installation is entitled "Footfall", and sees artist Alison Clarks work with printmaker's scrim fabric dyed with printer's ink to make prints taken from places in the Cathedral that have been worn by footfall (such as the altar steps and monumental stones). These prints travel from above the reredos (behind the altar) to the sanctuary floor, signalling the passage of worshippers who have travelled through the cathedral across time.
Project In Progress
Buried Treasure

Buried Treasure is a day-long event aimed at Year 6, 7 and 8 students. Participants take the role of explorers, working in small groups facing a series of challenges and carrying out experiments to discover if the sacred texts of various religions hold some answers for the issues in the world today. 

The quotations or 'gems' they uncover from direct exposure to the sacred texts will be worked in to precious artefacts to be kept in a treasure chest to be shared with others.
Project In Progress
The Phoenix and the Art of Shalom

What does the ancient Hebrew idea of shalom look like in modern day Scotland?  As Rock Community Church reopened a disused community centre within one of Scotland's most deprived communities, they asked this very question.

As The Phoenix saw its doors open again in Nov 2018 there was a desire to explore what this ancient concept of wholeness and holistic peace might look like for the people of Dumbarton West. In particular, we wondered how the arts might have a part to play in bringing spiritual, relational, mental, emotional, familial wholeness.  The Art of Shalom is an experiment in using the arts to celebrate and encourage life in its fullest sense.
Project In Progress
The disappearance of Eliza Grey is an entertaining full-length play exploring why people with Dementia can become invisible and how to enable them to live well. It supports the Alzheimer's Society 'Dementia Friendly Community' initiative.

Using a crime drama format, this two-hander, makes use of the familiarity of a small rural church setting, and can be performed in any space. This play also connects to other issues that cause people to become invisible in society. Audiences have loved the show and provided great feedback. It easily adapts into a workshop for carers, or people living with dementia.
Project In Progress
Greenbelt Festivals

The Grave of Dreams is an exhibition of paintings by the teenage Gazan artist, Malak Mattar. The exhibition was staged in the Tapestry Suite at Boughton House, near Kettering, as part of The Greenbelt Arts, Faith and Justice Festival - as part of building greater inter-cultural and inter-religious understanding and appreciation.
Project In Progress
This project is in the planning stages. This project aims to enable pupils from vastly different social, economic and cultural backgrounds to encounter each other, interact and communicate.

Pupils will examine their own ideas and expectations of community; identity; diversity and belonging. Four key questions will form the basis of the project - Who am I? Who are we? Where do we live? How do we all live well together? Through examining similarities and differences, pupils will reflect together on how we can change negative attitudes and challenge community stereotypes.

By working on shared art work, meeting people of faith and developing ideas for other teachers to use, a toolkit will be developed.
Project In Progress
This community-based collaborative project brings together participants from a range of ages, cultures, religions and experiences to help develop religious and cultural literacy in the region. Based in primary and secondary schools across Lincolnshire, the aim of the work is to challenge misconceptions and provide a safe space for encounter and positive engagement.

Participants will work with playwrights, actors, technical and digital teams, subject experts and crucially, each other, to produce a series of performances exploring social and moral issues of living well together. REConnecting Lincolnshire provides and exciting opportunity to discover the richness of identity in modern Britain.
Project In Progress
Season Two of the Young Quaker Podcast

The Young Quaker Podcast is a monthly downloadable audio show that promotes young adult Quaker voices, experiences, and ministry, and works to build a supportive online community for young Friends internationally.

Building on our success from the first season (Nov ‘17 - Jun ‘18) and with the help of Westhill Endowment Trust, we are now launching a second season of 9 episodes this autumn, to continue to provide a space for young adult Friends to explore and speak about their spirituality, through a medium that is accessible to all with an internet connection.
Project In Progress

Imagine Peace: 20,00 Doves is a large-scale mass children's participation art installation at Lichfield Cathedral. Part of a year-long programme to commemorate the centenary of the 1918 Armistice, the project will see our Artist-in-Residence working with local schools to create 20,000 paper doves; the doves will then be suspended in a large-scale art installation from the ceiling of the Cathedral's nave throughout December 2018.

Participating schools receive a pack containing the materials to make doves, information about the project, and a powerpoint presentation about the themes of peace, forgiveness and reconciliation. The children will use their learning to develop and write on their dove a personal message relating to the project themes; they will also learn about the historical and religious context for the dove as a symbol of peace.
Project In Progress
St Andrews Church Rugby: The Song of Creation

Our project is to commission and co-curate a high quality art work for the West Tower wall of St. Andrew's Parish Church. The project will engage and build bridges in the community through exploring the Song of Creation.
Project In Progress
The festival is organised by the local church for it's surrounding community. Working with people of all ages and backgrounds, seeking to create an interaction with the church and community. The festival uses the arts, including comedy, music, dance, drama and family focussed events help in a variety of venues to achieve this task.
Project In Progress
Mixing Bowl @Holy Biscuit

'Mixing Bowl' is a twice-monthly gathering of people from a variety of backgrounds, including many who have left traditional church contexts and those with no known faith background. We meet to share a meal, discuss and reflect on an artwork (visual art, writing, music etc) and pray together.

We are committed to exploring what faith, art and shared life look like outside of the traditional church context.  We are based at Holy Biscuit, an arts organisation run by the Methodist Church. The activities and discussions in Mixing Bowl offer opportunities to explore and respond to the themes of the artworks exhibited in the gallery.
Project In Progress
Season of the Spoken Word

This season is about getting people together and talking! Using the spoken word we will explore our community's life and memories, we will explore the spiritual that lies behind stories, and we will use words to celebrate our community and unity.

The season will work across the generations and encourage people from different backgrounds to share their stories and to listen to others. We'll also use the other art forms such as drama, calligraphy and visual media to express words in diverse ways.
Project In Progress
Resilient Me, Resilient You

People talk about ‘British values’, but what does this mean to children and young people? This project will enable pupils in two lower secondary schools to explore identity and what it means to be British, to share their ideas and then to work with upper primary pupils to develop aspects of values transition in a mixed local community. 

Working on iPads, pupils will respond to concepts such as identity and identity-in-difference, respect for self and others and the Golden Rule, using the agreed syllabus for RE and SMSC as stimuli. They will produce e-Books on these themes which will then be shared with and used by primary schools to stimulate transitional work in the community.
Project In Progress
Spirited Arts ‘Art in Heaven’ is an annual art competition for primary and secondary school pupils, hosted by NATRE. In its 15th year this competition has attracted over 320,000 participants (averaging 20,000 per year!) since 2004, with 2,000 entries being sent in to NATRE each year for judging.

Hundreds of UK and overseas schools get involved. Information and themes for the 2018 competition are now available via this project page.
Project In Progress
Octave - Open for Discussion

Octave - Open for Discussion is a travelling art exhibition designed to stimulate conversations. It is hoped to help members of congregations to talk with each other more deeply and then to talk with members of their communities more deeply. Churches may use the exhibition in a variety of ways, including visits to it by local arts groups, artists, schools, colleges and more.

The exhibition can stimulate visits by groups in wider communities as a way to encourage dialogue on difficult personal subjects. The individual works, called Leap, Hear. Watch, Chill, Wait, Be, Fly and Call, are paintings which touch points of common human feeling. The exhibition is physically small enough to be uised in a variety of places and arrives with discussion materials.
Project In Progress
The Natashas Project is a contemporary dance company that raises awareness and supports survivors of human trafficking through dance. We do this through performance, education workshops and restorative workshops. We are currently developing and expanding our performance branch to reach wider and new audiences, take the work to the current high risk areas and to engage and encourage localities to take ownership of this issue in their communities.
Project Completed
These embroideries have been created by Pamela Pavitt and are presented in two groups, one dealing with ideas of peace and reconcilliation, and the other the stewardship of the world we live in, creation and the environment. They are available on free loan as an educational resource to religious and suitable educational and community organisations such as cathedrals, churches, hospices, medical schools, hospitals and public art galleries.