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Dear God...
“Hardly anyone can ever find God because God is right at the end of your mind after all the background thoughts are gone.”
Maisie Satchwell-Hust
Project In Progress
Local Inter Faith Guide

Our project is to publish a third edition of the Local Interfaith Guide to support the development and reinvigorate local interfaith groups by giving practical support, case studies and links to useful resources. The guide will enable those particularly wanting to establish groups to draw on best practice based on the experience of others. 
Project In Progress
This project is in the planning stages. This project aims to enable pupils from vastly different social, economic and cultural backgrounds to encounter each other, interact and communicate.

Pupils will examine their own ideas and expectations of community; identity; diversity and belonging. Four key questions will form the basis of the project - Who am I? Who are we? Where do we live? How do we all live well together? Through examining similarities and differences, pupils will reflect together on how we can change negative attitudes and challenge community stereotypes.

By working on shared art work, meeting people of faith and developing ideas for other teachers to use, a toolkit will be developed.
Project In Progress
RISING Global Peace Forum

The Forum is a collaborative venture between Coventry University, Coventry Cathedral and Coventry City Council that gathers peacebuilders, policymakers and academics from around the world to explore and promote stratergies for resolving conflict and sustaining peaceful societies.
Project In Progress
Tales of Wonder, Wisdom and Humour

Religious Education in many schools is not seen as a priority and some non-muslim parents feel concerned when it has anything to do with Islam. Using multi-faith storytelling, with professional award-winning Khayaal Theatre, we hope to build bridges in the primary schools and generate a better understanding of not just Islamic but of other faiths and cultures too, highlighting mutual links and crossover between all traditions. Means of storytelling does not confront orthodoxy of religion; it rather seeks to inform participants in a culturally acceptable manner.
Project In Progress
Greenbelt Festivals

The Grave of Dreams is an exhibition of paintings by the teenage Gazan artist, Malak Mattar. The exhibition was staged in the Tapestry Suite at Boughton House, near Kettering, as part of The Greenbelt Arts, Faith and Justice Festival - as part of building greater inter-cultural and inter-religious understanding and appreciation.
Project In Progress
Season Two of the Young Quaker Podcast

The Young Quaker Podcast is a monthly downloadable audio show that promotes young adult Quaker voices, experiences, and ministry, and works to build a supportive online community for young Friends internationally.

Building on our success from the first season (Nov ‘17 - Jun ‘18) and with the help of Westhill Endowment Trust, we are now launching a second season of 9 episodes this autumn, to continue to provide a space for young adult Friends to explore and speak about their spirituality, through a medium that is accessible to all with an internet connection.
Project In Progress
Newbigin School for Urban Leadership

Urban Change Makers (UCM) is a new emerging leaders program that focuses on working class leadership development from within urban priority areas. UCM is initiated by Newbigin School for Urban Leadership and Worth Unlimited in conjunction with local hubs who nominate and send small teams of emerging leaders to the 10 month program that includes 3 week-end residentials, coaching, best practice site visits, an investors panel and a graduation/induction.
Project In Progress
This community-based collaborative project brings together participants from a range of ages, cultures, religions and experiences to help develop religious and cultural literacy in the region. Based in primary and secondary schools across Lincolnshire, the aim of the work is to challenge misconceptions and provide a safe space for encounter and positive engagement.

Participants will work with playwrights, actors, technical and digital teams, subject experts and crucially, each other, to produce a series of performances exploring social and moral issues of living well together. REConnecting Lincolnshire provides and exciting opportunity to discover the richness of identity in modern Britain.
Project In Progress
Christianity - Big Questions

Our project aims to reach out to many different audiences via social media, websites, home viewing, faith groups, with a series of short films challenging the viewers to think about Christianity in contemporary society. 

What are the big questions which the Christian faith needs to ask itself?  What are the big questions in society in which Christianity seeks to address? How might our viewers be challenged to rethink their perceptions of Christianity and which might be the future for a progressive faith?
Project In Progress
Bible Engagement in multi-faith Schools

This project enables thousands of primary school children, in multi-faith cities across England and Wales, to engage with Bible Stories in a sensitive, educationally acceptable style.  In partnership with Birmingham City Mission, the Bible Society seeks to engage inter-faith dialogue between the Christian church and primary schools where children are from other faiths and none.

The project is building bridges between different faiths and cultures between communities. Different Christian church denominations come together to deliver Bible stories as part of collective workship in multi-faith primary schools, giving children and foundational understanding of our society's Christian heritage, enabling them to compare and contrast.
Project In Progress
A joint initiative, by the National Association of Teachers of Religious Education (NATRE) and the University of Bristol, to promote teachers professional knowledge and, understanding of how to promote community relations within RE lessons. Three university researchers and NATRE members who teach RE have developed a toolkit applying ‘Contact Theory’ to the RE setting. Developed by social psychologists, ‘Contact Theory’ promotes value in diversity and explains how individuals can interact meaningfully with their cross-group peers.

Based on the findings of a Westhill-funded national survey of teachers of RE the toolkit advocates 'Encounter, Conversation and Interaction' in RE lessons and a 24 hour residential will bring together experts in this field to train a group of teachers to apply this framework to their own classroom practice and to share their new skills and awareness with others.
Project In Progress

Imagine Peace: 20,00 Doves is a large-scale mass children's participation art installation at Lichfield Cathedral. Part of a year-long programme to commemorate the centenary of the 1918 Armistice, the project will see our Artist-in-Residence working with local schools to create 20,000 paper doves; the doves will then be suspended in a large-scale art installation from the ceiling of the Cathedral's nave throughout December 2018.

Participating schools receive a pack containing the materials to make doves, information about the project, and a powerpoint presentation about the themes of peace, forgiveness and reconciliation. The children will use their learning to develop and write on their dove a personal message relating to the project themes; they will also learn about the historical and religious context for the dove as a symbol of peace.
Project In Progress
St Andrews Church Rugby: The Song of Creation

Our project is to commission and co-curate a high quality art work for the West Tower wall of St. Andrew's Parish Church. The project will engage and build bridges in the community through exploring the Song of Creation.
Project In Progress
‘To Be A Pilgrim’ – bringing the world’s greatest adventure story, and the faith that inspired it, to life!

Education into Diversity

The Pilgrim’s Progress, by John Bunyan (1628 – 1688), is a timeless spiritual and allegorical adventure story about a central character, Christian, who sets out on a journey from the City of Destruction to the Celestial City. This project brings it back to life for the 21st century classroom - a kind of ‘Walt Disney meets God experience’ for children the world over.
Project In Progress
Developing Deeper Discussion

The aim of this project is first to provide pocket guides to relationships between Christians and other faith communities (Muslim, Jewish, Sikh and Buddist). Second, we will use these guides to facilitate deeper discussion between Christians and other faith communities.
Project In Progress
FCG Commission on the Church and Social Cohesion

The question of social cohesion has been near the top of the political agenda for well over a decade now.  This project is a response to the general debate around social cohesion in England today. Its aims to undertake significant research into how well the church in England is helping to foster social cohesion. Initially working across 20 diverse areas in England the report will output quantitative and qualitative data to government and policy makers as well as a "How to ..." booklet on how churches can more effectively engage with community and foster social cohesion. 
Project In Progress
Celebrating Diversity

Our project is seeing to share Newham Sacre's (Standing Advisory Councils for Religious Education) good practice over to Waltham Forest Sacre. This will happen in three ways; we will run year 5 Inter-faith one-day conferences with 18 Waltham Forest Primary Schools; we will share and help Waltham Forest build their own version of Student Sacre; and we will run training for both Sacre's in order to help members have greater knowledge of their role as a Sacre as well as sharing best practice. 
Project In Progress
The festival is organised by the local church for it's surrounding community. Working with people of all ages and backgrounds, seeking to create an interaction with the church and community. The festival uses the arts, including comedy, music, dance, drama and family focussed events help in a variety of venues to achieve this task.
Project In Progress
A Play in a Day

Project in planning for March 2019.

"A Play in a Day": The aim is simple - create a play in a day!  The event will provide an engaging way to get to know people. Our project will enable three local churches, in neighbouring areas, to connect with their communities. Each church will host our lead artist for one event, bringing all three groups together. This will be an opportunity to see each other's performances; connect across churches; and invite friends and family to see the fun we've had.
Project In Progress
Our victim awareness / restorative justice programme, Sycamore Tree, challenges attitudes to crime and offending behaviours and motivates offenders to desist from crime.

Sycamore Tree is a powerful rehabilitative tool which can initiate change if attitude and behaviour, breaking the cycle of reoffending and helping effective rehabilitation back into communities and families.

Prison fellowships vision is that every prisoner in England and Wales has access to the support they need.
Project In Progress
We encourage people to learn Engish so they are able to communicate with people like teachers and doctors and can visit places such as libraries and other public places. Anyone can access our group and trained tutors will provide support as they learn. All our staff have undertaken training and personal checks (DBS).
Project In Progress
Building Bridges Between Communities

Building Bridges Between Communities aims to bring people from different backgrounds together for interactive discussions and sharing of experiences.  The project will bring self-help groups and community organisations together to work and share resources.
Project In Progress
Church of the Poor

We are building an ecumenical 'community of praxis' in South Yorkshire, linking together churches and projects that are working to build what Pope Francis has described as "a poor church that is for the poor".  Churches are learning from each other, supporting each other in their mission and discipleship, and showing the wider church what it really means to be a 'church of the poor'.
Project In Progress
Life's a Carnival Community Theatre

Life's a Carnival is a newly devised play exploring racism, youth violence and families, in Haringey's African-Caribbean community. It will be performed by, and based on, the lives of Tottenham community activists, Ken Hinds and June Tuitt.

Building on (Arts Council England Funded) Phase 1, this project includes: script and community engagement, design, music and staging, rehearsals, performances in 10 venues in London and Leicester. The project aims to promote social action on youth on youth violence in Haringey and to help communities change their narrative about each other through performing arts, as well as understanding how applied theatre can help community development.
Project In Progress
Mixing Bowl @Holy Biscuit

'Mixing Bowl' is a twice-monthly gathering of people from a variety of backgrounds, including many who have left traditional church contexts and those with no known faith background. We meet to share a meal, discuss and reflect on an artwork (visual art, writing, music etc) and pray together.

We are committed to exploring what faith, art and shared life look like outside of the traditional church context.  We are based at Holy Biscuit, an arts organisation run by the Methodist Church. The activities and discussions in Mixing Bowl offer opportunities to explore and respond to the themes of the artworks exhibited in the gallery.
Project In Progress
Reforming Christianity: Online Resources

Recognising diversity within religions and not just between religions is an important area of learning in RE in schools. It is difficult for teachers to represent the diversity within Christianity, particularly if they are non-specialists, and the traditions and beliefs of the Free Churches are often neglected. 

We are developing online resources, starting with a unit on the Reformation. Other units will explore dissent, conscience, the role of women, and challenging injustice. The resources are being written by RE Today Services, and this high-quality material will be available free of charge. 
Project In Progress
Resilience Building Mentoring Project

Oxford is a city of contrasts.  25% of young people here go to private school, and yet 25% grow up in child poverty. The young people growing up in the disadvantaged communities of Barton and Blackbird Leys face many more obstacles than opportunities.

But we believe these young people have just as much potential as anyone else. And that's why Thrive staff and volunteers live in these estates themselves: to become positive role models equipping young people with resilience.

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity and this project will equip young people from Barton and Blackbird Leys to increase their resilience. They will receive intensive mentoring that has a special focus on them transforming their own life, and the lives of other young people and community members around them.
Project In Progress
"Nothing about us, without us, is for us." Wolverhampton Poverty Truth Commission Launched on 3rd April 2017. Seven grassroots voices with direct experience of living with poverty have been meeting with 14 city shapers with responsibilities for the well-being of people in Wolverhampton. 

They have decided to focus on Mental Health, Homelessness, and support Networks, as three key themes where they want to make a difference. They are reporting back at a showcase event on 15th June 2018. The grant from Westhill Endowment will contribute towards the project staff working until the end of August to ensure that the learning shared at the event, and any commitments made, follow through into action.
Project In Progress
Lichfield Community Mentoring (LCM) currently trains and places volunteer mentors into local primary and secondary schools. We aim to provide young people, who are struggling with low self-esteem, a positive adult role model for up to 12 months.

Through this relationship and long-term investment by the mentor, the student is encouraged to develop more self-confidence, resilience and a greater sense of self-worth, no matter what the circumstances. This coming year, with extra funding from Westhill Endowment, we plan to write our own training manual, increase our volunteer base to reach more children and look at partnering with other local organiations in the community to further develop the project.
Project In Progress
On Demand

On Demand is The Natashas Project's new performance and awareness initiative. Developing and Performing On Demand whilst also delivering educational workshops, all to equip and inform vulnerable people and the general public about human trafficking and modern day slavery.
Project In Progress
Community Spirit

Community Spirit is Symphony Hall's mass singing programme to bring together Birmingham's diverse communities to celebrate the city; enhance social inclusion, connectedness and friendships; support local residents' skills development; and to increase positivity and well-being.

Five hundred individuals from fifteen choirs will celebrate their collective voice and the vital contribution that they make to the cultural life of Birmingham, by performing a very special showcase event.  They will work with Creative Producer, Carol Pemberton CBE, to chose a theme and shared repertoire, as well as separate pieces for each individual choir, covering a range of styles and genres.

They will then undertake weekly rehearsals in their own communities and also join mass rehearsals with the other participants to create a wonderful evening of song at Symphony Gall on Sunday 8th July 2018.
Project In Progress
Bible Loans for Burundi

Despite the nations abject poverty and political uncertainty in Burundi, there remains a lot of enthusiasm amongst High School students to attend Bible clubs. The pupils really enjoy the Bible study but they cannot afford to buy their own bible, they can't continue their study at home.

This project addresses this problem. There is a network of volunteers across the country but they need training in running High School Bible Clubs. We have received funding for this training and also to help provide Bibles for the students. They pay 40% of the cost over a period of a year and we subsidise the rest.
Project In Progress
Families Exploring Faith

In 2018 TLG will be running two Family Adventure Weekends, to which the children and families who we support through our Early Intervention Programme are invited to attend, for free.  These families are often in great social and economic need, so the time away means they are able to have fun away from the pressures of life, all while exploring faith, building relationships and spending precious time together.

We will be able to take 160 people away this year, and for some families this will be the first time they have ever gone on holiday together. The grant will also allow families to begin to connect with their local church communities through the trialing of Family Fun Sessions.
Project In Progress
FACES (Faiths Against Child Exploitation)

FACES (Faiths Against Child Exploitation) is a growing interfaith project in Luton that is committed to challenging Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE). We are aware of cases around the country where faith, both Christian and Muslim, has been projected negatively in discussions about CSE.

The working group came together to consider how we, as faith communities, could work together to be part of the solution. FACES has delivered training material for faith leaders to raise awareness around CSE. Further resources are being developed for different contexts that will empower and equip members of the community to recognise the signs and stand against CSE.
Project In Progress
Season of the Spoken Word

This season is about getting people together and talking! Using the spoken word we will explore our community's life and memories, we will explore the spiritual that lies behind stories, and we will use words to celebrate our community and unity.

The season will work across the generations and encourage people from different backgrounds to share their stories and to listen to others. We'll also use the other art forms such as drama, calligraphy and visual media to express words in diverse ways.
Project on-going
Uberheroes® is a unique and innovative experimental learning programme providing education and early intervention techniques for young people to overcome the negative impacts of social, mental, emotional, and physical issues. Uberheroes® supports young people to be more aware of their own emotional health, wellbeing and resilience.

Uberheroes® focuses on 9-16 year olds combining curiosity, creativity, discussion and support. The concept, an Uberhero World, where Uberheroes® and Villains compete over the emotional wellbeing of featured character/s using their range of powers; this is delivered through quarterly superhero themed comics and our interactive website, the young people read, learn, discuss and unpack the topics covered in each new issue; each facilitation group is led by a qualified facilitator who ensures that every question is asked in relation to the comic’s central character, this enables the young people to answer openly, free from  any risk of criticism or judgement or feelings of vulnerability or exposure.
Project In Progress
You're not on Your Own!

Fired Up Theatre and St Augustine's CE First School wish to highlight the voices of children at school. Voices that project confidence, skills and creativity in order to make them stronger in their faith whilst living in isolated and expansive rural areas.

Their voices echo the thoughts of many other people in the surrounding communities of East Staffordshire.
Project Completed
Joined Up Conference

The Joined Up Conference is a 1-day annual conference for anyone involved in youth, schools or children's work - or with a passion for the church to engage more with children and young people.
Project In Progress
God and the Big Bang gives students from Year 6 - 13 (10-18 year olds) an exciting opportunity to discover, discuss and debate compatibility of science and faith. The day aims to equip young people with the all-important tools they need in order to form their own opinions and engage in rational, exciting, well-reasoned and thought-provoking discussion about the place for science in God's world.

We want to increase access to our events for low-income schools, offering a creative, professional, and highly engaging approach to questions of science and faith aswell as access to professors and graduates from top universities around the country, with the time to ask big questions and have a taste of what university level study might be like.
Project In Progress
The Birmingham Passion is a large community drama that brings the gospel to life on the streets for Easter 2019. Partnering with local theatre companies, local churches and a host of volunteers of all ages and backgrounds, it brings the story of Jesus Christ's death and resurrection along with new relevance and resonance to this local community.
Project In Progress
Resilient Me, Resilient You

People talk about ‘British values’, but what does this mean to children and young people? This project will enable pupils in two lower secondary schools to explore identity and what it means to be British, to share their ideas and then to work with upper primary pupils to develop aspects of values transition in a mixed local community. 

Working on iPads, pupils will respond to concepts such as identity and identity-in-difference, respect for self and others and the Golden Rule, using the agreed syllabus for RE and SMSC as stimuli. They will produce e-Books on these themes which will then be shared with and used by primary schools to stimulate transitional work in the community.
Project In Progress
Renewal Through Ressurection - Hamilton Passion Play 2018

A Passion Play is a community event which brings people together to tell the story of the last week of Jesus' life. Through drama, the redeeming power of the gospel is brought to life in a fresh way, allowing audiences to experience and engage with these events as never before.
Project In Progress
Peace and Reconciliation Toolkit and Resources for the Classroom

Coventry Cathedral are designing a ready-to-use curriculum for teachers to use in RE lessons which will equip students with skills to be peace buildes in school, community and the wider world, through deepening knowledge and understanding of Christianity.  This resource will enable teachers to fulfill the statutory requirement for teaching RE in schools and be suitable for non-specialists.
Project In Progress
Small Footsteps

Small Footsteps aims to inspire specifically young people from different faith backgrounds (and none) to value the environment which is at risk through climate change. We believe that the best way of doing this is for faith groups to work together in ways that demonstrate deep shared values faiths have for the environment.

Small Footsteps 2017 was a five day multi-faith summer school for young people aged 11-14. Young people were introduced to the envoronment through practical activities related to food and food waste, recycling, water, trees, energy, the ecological cycle of life and finally how these all relate to the dangers of climate change. Woven into these practical activities are the connections with the environment and natural world made by different faiths.
Project In Progress
Spirited Arts ‘Art in Heaven’ is an annual art competition for primary and secondary school pupils, hosted by NATRE. In its 15th year this competition has attracted over 320,000 participants (averaging 20,000 per year!) since 2004, with 2,000 entries being sent in to NATRE each year for judging.

Hundreds of UK and overseas schools get involved. Information and themes for the 2018 competition are now available via this project page.
Project In Progress
Sister Jane is a true local hero and heads up Operation Smiles which not only supports babies who are at risk of losing their lives, but also educates communities on maternal/infant health and family planning. The Mother & Babies Centre at the heart of Operation Smiles supports babies in need of urgent nutrition, healthcare and shelter.

Every child is accompanied by a caregiver (often their mothers have passed away), who receives child-care training and support during their six-month stay. Operation Smiles works with local communities to help lower maternal mortality rates, and thus the need for the Centre. AfriKids works towards every child being happy, healthy, safe and in school.
Project In Progress
Fegans is a Christian children's charity supporting vulnerable children and their families. We do this through counselling and our ' Parents Supporting Parents Programme' which is an innovative project offering intensive 1:1 support in homes, together with group work and volunteering opportunities.

The programme is designed to build resilience and then take vulnerable families on a journey from isolation to volunteering, from lack of self-worth to growing confidence, from families in crisis to confident and hopeful home lives.
Project In Progress
Communities Learning Together

Trustees, volunteers and the wider community will take part in a three-year learning programme, organised by Faith In Our Community, to address the big skills gap in the deprived communities where we work.  The programme will consist of events, workshops and networking meetings to develop the knowledge and skills of local people, so they will be better informed and able to run more effective organisations.

Project In Progress
Exploring Religious Diversity: What does it mean to follow a faith in Britain today?

This project brings year 7 pupils together from a rural secondary school, with Y5 and 6 pupils from 6 feeder primary schools in the Settle area of North Yorkshire to experience and explore religious diversity through four workshops, led by people from a range of different faiths.

Members of SACRE were involved in the planning and delivery of the day. As part of the day, pupils were trained as 'Diversity Champions', empowered to organise and run diversity themed events in their own schools. The 'Exploring Diversity' day took place in Nov 2017.
Project In Progress
The Platform Project

The Platform Project is a 12-month Creative Arts programme provided for young people between the ages of 5-25, giving them access to professional opportunities and training in music, dance, drama and media, whilst gaining an accredited arts award qualification.

The young people will be involved in projects designed to create an atmosphere of positive influence throughout the community.  We want to see young people embracing art in creative ways giving them a voice to express themselves. The young people will become stewards of their own gifts and help those in need within the community. Lastly, they will create professional high-quality entertainment which is affordable and accessible to everyone.
Project In Progress
Teaching about Religious Diversity in Inclusive Schools: Developing Collaborative Practice between Research and Teachers.

Our project aims to investigate how RE teachers can make use of research to improve pedagogy. The focus is on research from the University of Warwick, especially the Council of Europe publication Signposts (Jackson 2014).

In partnership with a large secondary school in South Yorkshire we will look at how research data can be used as a basis for innovative teaching and create a case study including some practical stratergies and reports. This will, in turn, generate further data on pupils' perspectives on RE. Lesson observations and interviews with pupils will be important parts of our study. 
Project In Progress
Vibing an Interfaith Prayer Space at Greenbelt Festival 2017

Building on our Interfaith Programming at the 2017 festival we are establishing a brand new chapel / prayer venue for those of all faiths and none to use over the weekend.  The grant from Westhill was to enable us to 'vibe' this space beautifully in a way that encourages a feeling of Divine Connection.
Project In Progress
The Faith Encounter Project trains people of different faiths to deliver educational guided tours of their own places of worship with skill and sensitivity through our Faith Guiding Courses. We currently run a 12 week course annually as well as day courses customised to organisations specifications. 

We support teachers to effectively plan visits to various places of worship, provide speakers for in-school programmes to postrer positive interfaith understanding among pupils. The project also provides training to various organisations within the West Midlands region and beyond equiping their staff and volunteers with relevant interfaith understanding.
Project In Progress
Diversity in Collective Worship

This project will produce 14 video clips, with additonal support and guidence material, for primary schools to support collective worship, focusing on non-christian acts of worship.  The project will involve members from SACRE, Inter-Faith Forums, specialist creative media college staff and students and a range of primary schools to pilot and give feedback on the materials developed.

There will be a launch event in the summer term 2018.

The project will provide all Shropshire primary schools with a tailored resource to address an area of weakness and concern they have clearly expressed to SACRE. It will also build further bridges between SACRE, Inter-Faith Forums, schools and children to develop an awareness and deeper understanding of different religions, world views and culttures.
Project In Progress
Women of Faith

The Women of Faith project aims to give women the confidence they need to develop as leaders on a range of fields. The women are drawn from different faith communities and also includes those of no faith. They will be encouraged to build supportive relationships and continie these relationships beyond the scope of the programme by acting as peer-mentors for one another.
Project In Progress
Birmingham Conversations

The Birmingham Conversations brings together people of different faiths to explore issues that are often contentious or controversial. The Conversations create a safe space where issues can be discussed without expectation of consensus but rather consecutive dialogue.  The current Conversations looks at "How we can live at peace in a word of conflict" and will produce resources for others to use, including young leaders.
Project In Progress
Liverpool Cathedral will be exhibiting a seris of paintings by Peter Clare entitled 'Is Love Enough?'  Our aim is to engage with existing congregation to pose and explore the question of ‘the challenge of evil and how it can be overcome’.
Project In Progress
The Progressive Christianity Network approached Westhill for a grant to cover the cost of the forthcoming UK speaking engagements of the well-known Canadian post-theist, Revd Gretta Vosper.

Gretta Vosper
Currently a Minister of the United Church of Canada and based in Toronto, Gretta Vosper is the author of ‘With or Without God’ and ‘Amen’. Vosper says she does not believe in God as a supernatural, interventionist, divine being and her work bridges progressive Christianity and atheism in a unique (and for some people controversial) exploration beyond the boundaries of Christian thought.
Gretta Vosper has accepted an invitation to come to the UK to speak at local meetings of the PCN in Leeds on 7th and 8th October and to deliver lectures as part of the Radical Christian Faith lecture programme, organised at Carrs Lane church, Birmingham on 13th and 14th October.

PCN and Radical Christianity Lectures
The inclusive, thoughtful and outward-looking positioning of PCN, the Radical Christian Faith lectures and Gretta Vosper are consistent with Westhill’s values and remit to encourage serious Christian reflection and dialogue. This is not to say, however, that Westhill endorses everything that Gretta Vosper says but rather that Westhill is keen to encourage thought on and discussion about the issues that she raises.
Project In Progress

Under the theme of Explore:Engage:Reflect the interactive project will contribute to the embedding of the new Staffordshire Agreed Syllabus in Religious Education. Year 6 and year 7 pupils from a range of Staffordshire schools, with teachers, will gain an insight into living with, and within, religious diversity through separate encounters with Christian and Muslim presenters and associates artefacts and materials.

Pupils will use ipads to document creatively their experiences and record their reactions. The resulting e-books will be uploaded to form a 'virtual classroom' which will act as a legacy resource for Staffordhire schools and stimulate further embedding events.
Project In Progress
Faith School Linking

Our Faith Schools Linking programme enables young people from different faith schools to meet and learn about the faith and belief identities of other young people different to themselves.

We will recruit and support faith schools in the West Midlands to deliever three links in year 1 and five links in year 2 of the programme.
Project In Progress
The Panpsycast: Christianity Audiobook

The Panpsycast are developing an audiobook focusing on Christianity to support students and teachers of RS. The informal and informative style of the already highly successful podcast will be born-again into a Full A-Level Course. Complete with special guests, good humour and a detailed exploration of Christianity, The Panpsycast: Christianity Audiobook promises to be an essential and entertaining guide to Christian thought.
Project In Progress
Working with Together for The Common Good and faith communities, we aim to creatively engage with students from partner primary schools, secondary schools and local residents to generate learning expeirences that will promote interfaith dialogue based around FAITH in North Liverpool.

We will bring together some of the leading thinkers on the common good from across the Christian demoninatios, Jewish and Muslim traditions. The project will focus on three main strands: Education into diversity amoung young people; Community Benefit; and Religious Education and Collective Worship. We will be developing a multi-faith RE project called "Near Neighbours" based on the Church Urban Fund initiatve.
Project In Progress
Voices from the Edge

Voices from the edge celebrates the stories of disabled people. For 5 years Inclusive Church and St Martin in the Fields have shared in running a disability conference organised by and for people with lived experence of disability.

Voice from the Edge is a booklet celebrating all that these conferences have achieved and telling the stories of some of those who have contributed. The booklet not only celebrates the conferences but encourages others to consider using a similar model in tehir own context.
Project In Progress

At a time of growing division, Together for the Common Good is planning training packages in ‘Common Good Thinking’ for Church leaders, lay people and RE teachers. By building the capacity of the churches through their people, with the principles and practice of the Common Good, this project will untap their potential to create change in communities and to be a catalyst for social transformation. 

We aim to equip people to cultivate local leadership, build bridges and engage in effective relationship building in communities, schools, workplaces, and neighbourhoods.
Project In Progress
Belief will always be with us! Our media exerts an enormous infludence over our perceptions of spititual beliefs and religious communities. Yet the evidence for religious literacy - a reliable knowledge of these varying beliefs and practices - amongst media professional is astoundingly low. 

Lapido Media tackles this by championing religious literacy, challenging and equipping journalists to go the extra mile in understanding belief systems before they report the news of the day.  Our web refresh project allows us to communicate effectively with our journalist auduences. These are the writes, broadcasters and producers willing to learn about the kaliedescope of faith and belief to improve the quality of their journalism.
Project In Progress
Understanding Islam. Understanding Hiduism.

The Understanding Christianity project ( has been launched into over 2,750 Primary and Secondary schools, inspiring engaging RE, raising standards and enthusing teachers and pupils alike to look afresh at Christianity in RE.

RE Today ( are seeking to build on this success by exploring the possibilities for “Understanding Islam” and “Understanding Hinduism”. Westhill Trust kindly funded initial “proof of concept” work for both of these projects.
Project In Progress
Oddments Theatre Company's new production 'The Hiding Place' tells the true story of Corrie Ten Boom and her journey from watch shop to concentration camp. The two-act play will focus on what being a Christian means in the darkest of situtaions, how Corrie found strength in her faith and the positve effect it had on others in terrible circumstances.

It is a true story of couragous actions and demostrates faith and love in action. Oddments produced the original script and is performed by a cast of six. A professional build stage set (adaptable for any kind of venue), props, costumes, sound and lights will be used to enhance the quality of the production. The show will tour 15+ prisons and 50+ churches and secondary schools throughout the UK.
Project In Progress
Our project seeks to provide some resources for primary and secondary schools so that pupils can consider how people can be bullied for their beliefs.

We hope to make some films and classroom lesson plans to support teachers to deal with this topic.
Project In Progress
What if people who have directly faced poverty had relationships with people of influence and those who make policity decisions that affect them? Would it make a difference to the decisions that are being made?

Birmingham Poverty Truth will be bringing together people with stories to tell, and people of influence who will listen to these stories. Over a period of 18 months they will meet together to build relationships, share experiences and think about how we might better respond to the challenges poverty brings. The aim is that an understanding of what life is like for those in poverty will inform policy decisions that affect them.
Project In Progress
St Martin-in-the-Fields’ community art initiative, ‘Light the Well’, will enable participants to explore, through the artistic medium of clay, scripture and the scriptural symbolism of light. Through participants’ experimentation with light-sources contained within their porcelain vessels, our hope is that they will be strengthened in their faith by reflecting on the experience of Christ’s light shining within their lives.

The resulting installation in the Light Well of the Crypt at St Martin’s will be seen by all those who access the site (such as tourists and concert visitors, members of the congregation, and clients of The Connection at St Martin’s).
Project In Progress
There are a lot of people in Reedham, but very few of them come to church. We therefore decided that the church would go out to the people, and that on Good Friday we would put on a plat through the streets of Reedham, to tell the story of Christ's Passion and death.

In this way we would not only bring the fundemental story of Christianity to those who might not know it, but also we hoped to engage with individuals, touch their hearts, and make them curious to know more. The website tells the take of how we set about it, and how it all worked out. (Picture: James Bass Photography.)
Project In Progress
The project seeks to investigate the current extent of church-led activity in confronting poverty in the UK. 'Beyond Beveridge' will be a report that will chart and evaluate the size and significance of the church's contribution to the social fabric in England.

The report will examine the role that churches are already playing in meeting the needs of the most disaffected and disadvantaged and how they might grasp oncoming opportunities to extend their ministry and mission. The research will also examine the impact on churches when they become more socially active.
Project In Progress
Through music, creative and performing arts we aim to change the lives of young people for the better, giving them the opportunity to be everything they can be and express themselves in a selfless way. We use the creative, performing and culinary arts to achieve this. Young people aged 11-18 currently access our weekly services. Our projects are selected by young people and designed for them to have new experiences, learn new skills, and make a positive contribution to  the communities they live in.
Project In Progress
Easter Passion Play 2017

The Easter Passion Play is a local community project that draws people together to perform a free play dramatizing the Easter story. Such drama has a long heritage in England and traces its history to the miracle and mystery plays of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.

Performed today by the community and for the community, these Easter plays are for people of all backgrounds and experiences. In 2017, the Passion Trust will work with a large volunteer cast and professional actors, directors, producers and work on all aspects of the project from events management to costume design. The resulting play will be performed in Manchester over Easter.
Project In Progress
Training Young Schools Workers: Sporting Marvels has working in partnership with Rhondda Schools since 2003. Our team of young Christian role models have a heart for positively influencing children's life choices and helping them achieve their full potential.

They teach a primary school RE/PSE/PE Curriculum and run a secondary school leadership development programme, both supported by frequent out-of-school events. Westhilll Endowment is helping us to fund out new 2-year training programme which enables school leavers to join our team as interns, developing their RE teaching skills, sports coaching ability, confidence and professionalism in working with young people.

We aim to develop the programme, and share our learning with other young people's organisations who might wish to adapt our progarmmes for use in tehir own communities.
Project In Progress
Theos, in partnership with the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations at Coventry University, are proposing a project that will conduct and disseminate new research and analysis about the place of faith and belief on university campuses. It will propose a positive vision of the ways in which religious belief and commitment should be understood and fostered on campus and, by implication, in the public square into which students pass. This is a topic of significant importance.

The place of religion and belief on campus is becoming increasingly contested, with debates over the limits of free speech, religious provision, proselytism and religious freedom all prompting media attention over the past few months. However, despite these issues there has been little quality research into the place of religion in universities and how faith groups ought to relate to and live alongside student unions and university administrations.

We are proposing to remedy that situation. A national quantitative overview will attempt to be the first to actually map each of the faith and belief societies currently operating in British universities. It will then seek to answer the fundamental question of how faith and belief societies help foster more socially cohesive and peaceful campuses.
Project In Progress
A wild and overgrown plot of land will be developed with adults experiencing poor mental health who will: share ideas and be involved in the development of the site from a wild, overgrown area to implementing their ideas and creating a safe community space; explore how parts of the land can be used for growing fruit and vegtables of their choice, alongside spaces for spiritual reflection and growth; prepare, cook and eat meals together, cooked on an open fire each week; benefit from peer support / friendship; have a sense of long-term owenership of the project.
Project In Progress
The S.L.A.V.E Project explores the nature of grooming and exploitation. We have used the film 'Seeing Grace' as a platform which opens up discussions on relationships, sex, and what makes us vulnerable to these methods of exploitation. We unwrap some of the significant ways that social media, environmental factors and biology can affect our decision making. The main purpose of the 12 week programme is to lead the students to a much deeper level of self-awareness.

We deliver a program that explores what it means to be human, and we aim to stimulate authenticity and individuality by showcasing a diverse range of cutting edge studies of human biology, psychology, culture, and behaviour; illustrating the wide range of complex dynamics involved in the human 'thought process'. As a result, S.L.A.V.E investigates identity and how it is formed.
Project In Progress
"Apply with Conviction"

What happens when someone with a criminal record turns up at a job club? 'Apply with Conviction' is an interactive workshop for volunteer Job Club leaders and coaches to equip them to support people with convictions into work. It covers the basics of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, the revised Rehabilitation periods and best practise in criminal record disclosure to employers.

We will provide training to 10 local Job Clubs in the West Midlands, to equip volunteers with the knowledge and skills to better support ex-offenders on their release. We aim to suport 100 ex-offenders in the West Midlands over a one-year period, with 30 of these going to enrol in training or education or enter sustainable employment.
Project In Progress
Citizens UK is a membership community enabling people of different backgrounds to train, listen, ally and act together for the common good. The 'Democracy in Action' project will establish specific common good agenda priorities through a process of outreach, training, workshops and public action.

It will then hold three Annual Assemblies (a large event help in public) attended by hundreds of people where decision makers are invited to make clear pledges to act of these priorities. The goal of the project is to increase people's ability to participate in public life to affect change that matters to them without being party political.
Project In Progress
The aim of this project is for students, who are selected to take part on merit alone, to visit rural Tanzania to take part in a cultural exchange. Students will visit both schools and churches and work extensively with a group of Tanzanian students with the aim of improving leadership skills in all students involved.

Both staff and students will be leading church services and school assemblies, celebrating the Christian faith as a global community. Numerous donations of clothing and sports equipment will also be made and this, coupled with the leadership skills, will enable he project to run after our return, thus leaving a lasting legacy.
Project In Progress
Interfaith Matters works with clergy and community leaders in diverse and deprived neighbourhoods. Members of forums meet up to five times each year to improve inter-religious relations and organise local activities for public benefit.

In addition to regular dialogue, clergy visit schools to demonstrate the convivial and collaborative interfaith relations they have developed. In other neighbourhoods members work with councils to ensure services meet local needs. For example, in Hackney and Haringey clergy are working on a plan to provide affordable housing. All of Interfaith Matters activities are faith motivated but not faith biased.
Project In Progress
A New Picture Book: "Going To Church"

"Going to Church" is the latest series of wordless books by Books Beyond Words, helping people with learning disabilities to understand their world.  The new book will enable access to places of worship, and the wider communities offered by churches. Beyond Words books are co-created by people who have learning disabilities, with about 100 people involved in assessing and trialling pictures, to ensure the story can be easily understood.

The advisory group met at the end of November 2016 to discuss final chmages to the colour proofs; text for use by supporters is now being added, alongside development of a training package to ensure the most effective us of the book by professionals, families and volunteers. The book will be printed and lauched in spring 2017.
Project In Progress
Octave - Open for Discussion

Octave - Open for Discussion is a travelling art exhibition designed to stimulate conversations. It is hoped to help members of congregations to talk with each other more deeply and then to talk with members of their communities more deeply. Churches may use the exhibition in a variety of ways, including visits to it by local arts groups, artists, schools, colleges and more.

The exhibition can stimulate visits by groups in wider communities as a way to encourage dialogue on difficult personal subjects. The individual works, called Leap, Hear. Watch, Chill, Wait, Be, Fly and Call, are paintings which touch points of common human feeling. The exhibition is physically small enough to be uised in a variety of places and arrives with discussion materials.
Project In Progress
In order to safeguard what is best about Religious Education and improve it further, there is a pressing need to resolve some key issues through a review leading to a possible reform of RE. This entails a process of gathering evidence and making proposals through an independent commission.

The key issues in RE currently include: The paucity of teacher training; Lack of CPD opportunities, particulalry in the primary sector; The lack of specialist teachers in the secondary sector; RE's confused idententity and anomolous legan status.  On the positive side, the number of students studying GCSE and A evel are growing steadily and most pupils, parents and employers see the value of RE/RS in a diverse society.
Project In Progress
The Natashas Project is a contemporary dance company that raises awareness and supports survivors of human trafficking through dance. We do this through performance, education workshops and restorative workshops. We are currently developing and expanding our performance branch to reach wider and new audiences, take the work to the current high risk areas and to engage and encourage localities to take ownership of this issue in their communities.
Project In Progress
Community Garden for All

St Mary's Parish Church Community Garden Project seeks to transform the churchyard into a intentional place of rest and welcome, discovery and conversation, that is physically accessible to all. We seek to continue to tell the story of one of the oldest buildings in Hinckley by remembering and respecting our history and where we have 'come from', whilst also unfolding the nexr part of our story and journey.
Project In Progress
Children and young people have many questions about life, including the non-material world and the actively seek answers, meaning and identity. In order to assist their journey of discovery during 2017 we will run 'Prayer Spaces Weeks' in schools in Kent, in a safe, creative interactive and all-inclusive environment.

It will allow students to discover their own meaning and draw their own conclusions, and also encourage respect for each other. Teachers can bring their students for a subject lesson in the prayer space and students will be invited to visit it during their breaks at lunchtime and after school. It will empower them to contribute in positive ways in school, family life and in the community.
Project In Progress
The Restart Chaplian Project provide spiritual and pastoral support to homeless prison leavers. Many men and women leaving prison face prospects of homelessness, with no family or friends to support them. On top of this, the support they recieved from trained prison chaplains is lost when they walk through the prison gates. This often leads to increased chance of being led astray. Feeling desperate and alone, the risk of returning to a life of crime and poverty is highly increased.

The Restart Chaplain Project offers these people the support and companionship they need to piece their life back together. We achieved this via spiritual and pastoral care, showing individuals the way of the gospel and facilitating their connection with faith and the church community.
Project In Progress
Campaign To Educate Project
C2E Project

The long-term aim of Campaign to Educate (C2E) Schools Project is to send the 'Once an Addict' Classroom Resources to every secondary school in the UK, for teachers to use free of charge. These resources teach students in year 9-11 about the dangers of drugs and drug misuse, and using Barry Woodward's real life experiences as a foundation for the teaching, to teach them the Christian viewpoint on related issues. The Classroom Resources consist of lesson plans, worksheets and a DVD.

Having already distributed 187 copies, our current aim, with the funding recieved from Westhill, is produce and send the rescource to an additional 250 secondary schools in the UK, of which there are approximately 5000, and to offer follow up support to schools.
Project In Progress
Mausoleum: Chaos, Claustrophobia and Corridors of light.

Fired Up Theatre enters into the breathless and oppressive world of the refugee crisis. We are ready to bring to you, your school, church or community group, the opportunity to partner with us. This inclusive project will grow organically within workshops and together we will create performances which will include film projection, original music, poetic narrative and story telling. The project will be available to come to you during October and November 2016.
Project In Progress
Ignition Job Clubs

Jericho's innovative 'Ignition Project' is a training and support programme which equips volunteers from churches and other faith/voluntary organisations to deliver practical job search support and guidance for disadvantaged unemployed young people in their immediate local communities. Ignition provides disadvantaged job seekers with the knowledge, skills, practical support, encouragement and spiritual support to help them live better lives and search for work effectively through work preparation training courses and/or job clubs.

The unique and innovative aspect of Ignition is that the support is delivered right in the heart of the community by passionate and willing volunteers who live, work and worship alongside those they are seeking to help.
Project In Progress
Learning Together

We will run a learning programme for people who are involved in our local community development projects in deprived communities. We will bring them together to reflect on their local community, its strengths and challenges and what actions make a real difference to improving the lives of local residents.

Project Completed
These embroideries have been created by Pamela Pavitt and are presented in two groups, one dealing with ideas of peace and reconcilliation, and the other the stewardship of the world we live in, creation and the environment. They are available on free loan as an educational resource to religious and suitable educational and community organisations such as cathedrals, churches, hospices, medical schools, hospitals and public art galleries.