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Christ Church with St Mary's


Old Town Nativity

Sunday 9th December 2018

This major ecumenical Christmas community project will tell the story of the birth of Jesus in a colourful, interactive and imaginative way to those who may not know it, may have forgotten it or think it totally irrelevant in the 21st century.

The production will be an immersive, transient piece of theatre, taking the audience through the journey as imagined for Joseph and Mary. The colours and feel of the piece will be heavy and rich, using lights and texture to create the sense of a journey taken by many as they head to the census. As we move along, the audience will encounter small vignettes of street theatre to give them a sense of the bigger picture as to how the population felt at this time of great uncertainty and upheaval. We will see conflict and disagreement to reflect the true nature of this gruelling truth as they move towards the final destination. It is intended that this draw parallels with those within our own community today who find themselves refugees.


The central area for the piece will be Wood Street, Old Town, Swindon which will be fully closed off and be transformed into a loud and heady Middle Eastern bazaar with street traders, music and food being offered.  Joseph and Mary will seek shelter at several places along the way and it is along this stretch of the journey that their anxiety and difficulty become present. We will also hear from Joseph about the challenges he faced and the decisions he had to make.

The entire piece will culminate at Christ Church, Old Town, where the birth will take place and our story will end. This moment will be created using lights and sound initially, with the audience outside, listening to Mary’s anguish and the birth of Jesus. Then, calm will descend and the audience will be invited in the church.



The church’s architectural lighting will be used to full effect here, alongside a combined choir, bringing this tumultuous journey to its peaceful and joyful conclusion.

We anticipate audience numbers being upwards of 2000 per performance, based on the experience of the 2016 Passion Play performed in Wroughton which also had the same director, Anna Friend.

There will be two performances on the day at 12noon and 4pm.  The first to accommodate younger families.


The cast will consist of two principal professional actors supported by a large number of amateur actors from across the community and local schools.

Staging such a major public project comes with many costs. We are fortunate to have some generous sponsors and we have received some grants. But to give this production the edge it deserves, we still need to raise funds so have also launched a "GoFundMe" page with the aim of keeping the performance free and makes it accessible to every member of the community.

We also firmly believe that for this to be successful it needs to be supported by prayers so we would very much appreciate prayer support especially that we will receive the funding required.
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