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Dear God...
“Hardly anyone can ever find God because God is right at the end of your mind after all the background thoughts are gone.”
Maisie Satchwell-Hust
Project In Progress
Community Spirit

Community Spirit is Symphony Hall's mass singing programme to bring together Birmingham's diverse communities to celebrate the city; enhance social inclusion, connectedness and friendships; support local residents' skills development; and to increase positivity and well-being.

Five hundred individuals from fifteen choirs will celebrate their collective voice and the vital contribution that they make to the cultural life of Birmingham, by performing a very special showcase event.  They will work with Creative Producer, Carol Pemberton CBE, to chose a theme and shared repertoire, as well as separate pieces for each individual choir, covering a range of styles and genres.

They will then undertake weekly rehearsals in their own communities and also join mass rehearsals with the other participants to create a wonderful evening of song at Symphony Gall on Sunday 8th July 2018.
Project In Progress
Through music, creative and performing arts we aim to change the lives of young people for the better, giving them the opportunity to be everything they can be and express themselves in a selfless way. We use the creative, performing and culinary arts to achieve this. Young people aged 11-18 currently access our weekly services. Our projects are selected by young people and designed for them to have new experiences, learn new skills, and make a positive contribution to  the communities they live in.